10 Incredible Travel Destinations From Delhi Under 10K

Looking for the best offbeat travel destinations from Delhi to be explored within 10K INR? Check out this list and start planning your next vacay!

You might be thinking that taking a trip needs to be backed by a hefty bank balance – but that’s not really true!

Trust me when I say this, I’ve been backpacking across India for the last 4 years and often, my budget has been super-restricted.

But that could never stop me from exploring and discovering new places, learning about new cultures, witnessing breathtaking sunsets and binging on amazing food!

All it really needs is a little planning and a lot of courage – and even the young & broke can travel the world!

So in case, you’re in Delhi NCR and thinking of taking a quick break within 10K INR, here’s a list of the 10 offbeat travel destinations from Delhi to explore.

Travel Destinations From Delhi To Explore:

1.  Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Munsiyari, Uttarakhand


Distance – 565 KM (approx)

Known to be one of the most Instagrammable destinations in Uttarakhand, Munsiyari is a gorgeous little hill station which can be ideally called as “Little Kashmir”.

With scintillating views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, this is an ideal getaway from New Delhi which can be easily covered within a budget of 10K INR.

How to reach?

Board an overnight bus, and wake up to see the breathtaking views of the “Panchachuli” mountains – a group of five peaks of the Himalayan range.

Otherwise, you can also take the train to Kathgodam, and then a cab to Munsiyari.

Things to do

You can choose to stay at one of the many homestays in this hill station, indulge in living a local life and savor the local delicacies.

For those who are keen to go for short hikes, can easily head out and explore the hidden trails.

This place is a trekker’s delight as well, and one of the most famous treks in this region is the Namik Glacier Trek.

You can hire a local guide and go for that. If you still think that trekking is not your thing, there are other interesting activities like bird watching, etc. 


2. Landour, Uttarakhand

Landour, Uttarakhand


Distance: 292 KM (approx)

While Mussorie gets too crowded at times and the walking down the Mall Road will make you feel overwhelmed, how about escaping to Landour?

Just about 20 KM from Mussorie, this quaint & small cantonment town is home for Ruskin Bond, the famous writer.

Surrounded by forests of oak, pine, cedar & deodar – it is said that this place is as beautiful as some faraway village in southwest Wales!

How to reach?

Board an overnight bus from Delhi to Mussorie, and get a shared cab for Landour.

Otherwise, you can also take a train to Dehradun and then get a cab to Landour. Many people also prefer to drive all the way, which would take around 8 hours or so.

Things to do

From cozy bakeries to pretty churches, Landour is so much more than just pretty hills all around. Head off to Chaar Dukaan for breakfast.

A row of four tiny shops that have been there forever, they’re famous for their delicious breakfast food (think everything from waffles and pancakes to butter-fried cheese Maggi and bread omelets).

Other great places to eat are Cafe Ivy, Landour Bakery and of course, the restaurant at Rokeby Manor – one of the best boutique resorts in Landour.

Take a walk down the topsy turvy trails – and you never know, you might just bump into Mr.Bond! If you’re up for a trek, you can go for Nag Tibba from here and soak in the beauty of Nanda Devi from there.


3. Binsar, Uttarakhand

Binsar, Uttarakhand


Distance: 390 KM (approx)

Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, Binsar is a place that is truly blessed by nature as it not only has beautiful hills but also astounding orchards, calming streams, and also some lush green meadows.

If you are one of those who love to spend their days listening to the chirping of birds and admiring the flora – then you’d surely enjoy exploring the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a heaven for birdwatchers.

Perched up at 2400 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest hill stations in the Kumaon region.

How to reach?

The best idea would be to take a train to Kathgodam and then hire a car for Binsar, which is about 120 KM from there. 

Things to do

Experience natural bliss as you go on a jungle safari in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary surrounded by oak, pine, and rhododendrons.

Since the sanctuary is relatively small in size, the flora and fauna are richer and denser and one can easily spot a wild cat, deer & foxes apart from various species of birds.

Head off to Zero Point located amidst the sanctuary, for a breathtaking view of the Trishul Parvat and other gorgeous Himalayan Peaks.

There are some famous temples in this region, the most popular being the Kasar Devi Mandir – which you can visit.

Don’t forget to try a delicious local thali having the best Kumaoni delicacies. You can also go for a day trip to Pithoragarh or Almora from Binsar.


4. Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh

Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh


Distance: 585 KM (approx)

Located on the banks of Baspa River, it is the first village of Baspa Valley in the Kinnaur region of Himachal and the last village on the old Hindustan-Tibet trade route.

When I went for exploring Chitkul for the first time, I felt like it was straight out of the pages of some storybook – magical & mystical.

Surrounded by the majestic mountains being kissed by the floating clouds, Chitkul can be rightly called as ‘Paradise on Earth’.

It is a place where you can slow life down for a few days; feel every hour of the day; listen to the birds, the river, the trees; listen to the silence; soak in the warm and walk along a river while gazing upon the snow-capped mountains.

How to reach?

The best way to reach Chitkul is to take an overnight bus from Delhi to Shimla, and then hire a cab for Chitkul.

Otherwise, in case you’re up for some extra thrill, you can board an HRTC bus that goes till Sangla or Rekong Peo. From there, you can easily get a shared cab.

Things to do

All that you can do here is – embrace the slow life and enjoy each day as they unfold. Ah well, the natural beauty itself that will keep you busy for days.

You can go for short hikes along the Baspa River to the Ranikanda meadows. Walk down the village trails, and share a smile with the locals.

There’s a 500-years-old temple – Mathi Devi Mandir – which you must visit, for the sake of adoring the beautiful intricate artwork.

Now that Zostel has opened up in Chitkul, you can easily go for that much-awaited backpacking trip and soak in the serenity.


5. Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh


Distance: 490 KM (approx)

While Kullu & Manali have always been a favorite getaway, travelers are now keener to ditch the crowd and explore Banjar Valley & Tirthan Valley instead.

Jibhi is one such hidden treasure in Banjar valley of Himachal – scenic, an unpretentious and old Himalayan village that’ll surely endow you with the solace you’re seeking.

Serenity descends on you when you are at Jibhi and all you’ll get to listen to are the chirping of birds and rustling of the Tirthan River. 

How to reach?

The nearest railway station is in Shimla which is about 150 KM away from Jibhi, and you can get a cab from there.

Otherwise, board a bus for Manali from Delhi and get down at Aut, hire a cab from there which will directly drop you in Jibhi.

Things to do

Walkthrough nature’s trails, capture the beauty of the snow-clad peaks, sit by the river with a book and look at the horizon – do we really need anything more from life?

Spot some rare birds, go for trout-fishing, stargaze at night or go for a hike to see the Jibhi waterfalls.

You’ll never fall short of things to do here in Jibhi. There are some really chic-hostels that have come up – including The Blue Sheep Tirthan, Gone Fishing Cottages & Mudhouse Jibhi – where you’ll not only get to stay for an affordable cost but also meet some amazing travelers from different parts of the world.

It’ll surely be a great way to connect with interesting folks and explore together with everyone! Take a day trip to Shoja Village and Jalori Pass (which connects Shimla to Kullu), admiring the beauty of nature on the way. 


6. Bir – Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Bir Himachal


Distance: 515 KM (approx)

The world’s second-highest paragliding site, Bir – Billing has now become a popular destination among adventure lovers!

And that’s not all – Bir also is a hub for mountain biking, trekking, camping & other adventure sports.

Initially known as a center for ecotourism, spiritual studies, and meditation, Bir is also home for the Tibetan refugee settlements with several Buddhist monasteries.

Overlooking the Dhauladhar Ranges and the vast stretches of tea gardens, the enchanting prayer flags swinging with the breeze, peach & cherry trees blossoming here & there – there’s a tranquility that prevails in the atmosphere and you’re days in Bir will pass by the wink of an eye.

How to reach?

You can easily board a Volvo (private or HRTC) bus from Delhi that goes directly to Bir. Otherwise, you can also get a bus to Dharamshala or Baijnath, and get shared cabs to Bir.

In case you wish to travel by train, you’ll have to first reach Pathankot from Delhi and then take a bus/cab from there for Bir.

Things to do

By now, you already know that you just can’t miss paragliding when you’re there in Bir! Well, to be honest, it’s a surreal feeling – to glide over the Himalayan mountains and adjoining valleys, getting a bird’s eye view of the world below.

But apart from the adventure sports kicking your adrenaline cells, there’s a lot more to do in Bir. Walk down the Sherabling Monastery, Deer Park Institute, Drukpa Kagyu Monastery, etc., and spend some time meditating in silence.

Take a walk along the Bir River, hike up to Gunehar waterfalls, and ride on the toy train from Ahju to Jogindernagar.

There are a bunch of chic-cafes in Bir where you can binge on the delicious Himachali Thali as well crepes, waffles, and smoothies.

Becoming a backpackers’ hub, you’ll find some amazing places to stay like Zostel, Karyashaala, Hosteller, etc., where you’ll surely get to connect with like-minded millennial travelers.


7. Dausa, Rajasthan

Dausa Rajasthan


Distance: 285 KM (approx)

You must have seen those gorgeous photographs of the stepwells, right? Well, Dausa is one ancient town in Rajasthan which houses Chand Baori, a stepwell with an unparalleled artistic style and architectural beauty.

If you’re not too keen to visit Jaipur, then Dausa surely would be an amazing offbeat destination to explore over the weekends, from Delhi.

If you’re a history buff like me, you’ll fall in love with the medieval architecture that this place will eventually unfold to you!

How to reach?

You can take a train from Delhi to Dausa or a bus as well. But in case you don’t mind driving, I’d suggest you go on a road trip.

As they say, sometimes it’s not just about the destination, but the journey matters equally!

Things to do

Deriving its name from Sanskrit, Dausa means ‘beautiful as Heaven’ – and once you’re there, you’ll know that the place perfectly justifies the name.

It is said that during the medieval period, Dausa used to be the capital of Rajasthan and the royalty & richness still lingers in the air.

There are a series of ancient temples and the locals believe that magic happens around those, as Gods dwell there!

You definitely can’t miss stopping by the Chand Baori (one of the most popular attractions in Dausa) – which was built by the rulers of the Chauhan Dynasty and known to be the oldest stepwell in Asia.

You can also visit the Bhangarh Fort, known to be one of the spookiest places in India, which is just about 30 KM from Dausa.


8. Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Ranthambore, Rajasthan


Distance: 400 KM (approx)

Popular for the Ranthambore National Park which acts as a reserve for the endangered Royal Bengal Tigers, this place is a hub for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

Amidst its wildlife thrill, Ranthambore also offers an ideal getaway for those who are looking forward to spending a couple of days away from chaos and cacophony of the urban life, admiring the beauty of nature and relaxing, as well as exploring the richness of the history, listening to erstwhile tales of the kings & kingdoms and admiring the exotic architecture.

How to reach?

The most cost-friendly way to reach Ranthambhore from Delhi is to take Kota Janshtbdi from New Delhi to Sawai Madhopur then take a cab from there to Ranthambore.

Otherwise, you can also drive down the Delhi-Jaipur Highway (NH8) which will take about 9 hours approximately.

Things to do

Of course, when you’re in Ranthambore, there’s no way that you can miss the safaris (morning & evening) to spot the wildlife.

Well, I don’t assure you about the tigers, but you’ll surely get to see monkeys, sambar deer, chitals, black bucks and foxes.

In case you’re lucky enough, you might get to see a hyena or a sloth bear as well. A birdwatcher’s paradise, Ranthambore also shelters various exotic birds in flamingoes, grey hornbills, sandpipers, etc.

Make sure to keep your binoculars & cameras handy – you never know when you’ll get to spot a rare species!

Walk up to the Ranthambore Fort, marked as a UNESCO Heritage Site and adore the invigorating architectural and historical vistas.

You can also explore the Natural History Museum, Ranthambore School of Art and other places in this small town. 


9. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh


Distance: 650 KM (approx)

If you’ve always thought that Khajuraho is all about erotic sculptures and tales descending from Kamasutra, now is the time to unlearn and explore this small town located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh.

The Khajuraho Group of Temples, marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, depicts some of the finest art in the world.

Built between 950 – 1050 AD by the Chandela Dynasty, these temples portray the regularities of life, including sculptors of meditation, spiritual teachings, kinship, wrestling, royalty, and conjugal life.

While this has been an extremely popular destination among foreigners, over the last few years, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has been working relentlessly to popularize Khajuraho amongst Indian travelers as well.

How to reach?

You can board an overnight train from Delhi via Agra (12448/UP Sampark Kranti Express), or Udaipur via Jaipur and Agra (19666/Udaipur City Khajuraho Express).

It’s not just a budget-friendly way to travel, but also equally comfortable. There are no direct buses from Delhi to Khajuraho.

But if you’re up for a drive, you can take the Taj Express Highway.

Things to do

Needless to say, when you’re in Khajuraho, you’d need at least one full day to explore the temple complex (though I’d suggest you to keep a day and a half in hand).

The temples are categorized into three groups: Eastern, Western and Southern – and it’s the Western Group of Temples that would require the maximum time to be admired.

You’ll be awestruck to see the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, which is the largest and most ornate Hindu temples from the medieval period in India.

The other popular temples are – Duladeo Temple, Vishvanatha Temple, Chitragupta Temple, etc.

You can be a believer or an atheist, doesn’t matter – but you’ll surely not be able to get over the beauty of these temples once you see them for real.

A ‘Light & Sound Show’ happens every evening at the Western Complex, which is a must-watch, it’ll help you know more about the history of the place.

And once you’re done, you can take a quick trip to Panna National Park, which is about 40 KM from Khajuraho.


10. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Distance: 496 KM (approx)

An ancient town that’s almost frozen in time, Orchha is yet another gorgeous town in the Bundelkhand region, featuring brilliant architecture of Mughal-influenced Rajput palaces, temples and royal chhatris.

Resting royally on the banks of the Betwa River, this historic town was founded in the 16th century and since it was surrounded by thick forests, it got its name which means ‘a hidden place’.

If you are looking for an incredible & offbeat destination to beat the crowd, then you gotta visit Orchha and soak in the grandeur.

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Tourism hosted an event – ‘Namaste Orchha’ – to popularize this place, and before it starts attracting the tourists at large, make sure to pay a visit and explore this hidden gem.

How to reach?

You have to take a train from Delhi to Jhansi, which is just 16 KM from Orchha. This is surely the most convenient way to travel, unless you are planning to drive down.

Things to do

As I’ve already mentioned, there are various heritage complexes in Orchha, including Chaturbhuj Temple, Orchha Fort, Raja Mandir, Sheesh Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, etc.

Don’t miss the magnificent ‘Light & Sound Show’ at Orchha Fort, which narrates the tales of the rulers as fort walls turn into a digital orchestra.

Experience the joy of kayaking on the Betwa River, gorge on the local delicacies at the Jharokha restaurant run by MP Tourism, go for a jungle safari at Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary and make the most of your time ticking off the best things that this place has in store for you.


While 10K INR might not seem enough, let me tell you that you can actually do a lot within that budget. All you need is the courage to backpack and be open-minded, to embrace all that the unknown roads have to offer.

In case you’ve been to any of these places and wish to share something more, do write to us in the comments below. I’d love to hear out.

Other than that, if you know about some cool place that can be explored within a budget of 10K INR from Delhi, do let us know about that as well.

Happy Traveling!

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