10 Simple Ways To Make Someone Feel Special

Here’s a short little guide to help you further on this journey of discovering these Simple ways to make someone feel special.

“Be the person that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and grace.” ~Unknown

Making someone you love, feel special can at times appear like a daunting task to do, because in our minds, the stakes are high, and we want nothing but the best for them.

Whether it’s your parents, siblings, best friend, or your significant other, the very fact that you want to go that extra mile, is in itself, the first step towards this goal.

Ways to make someone feel special

1. Earnestly set aside some quality “US” time together.

Spending quality time together is truly a luxury in these fast-paced and eternally busy schedules of ours.

We are always a hop skip and a jump away from meetings and important calls, never-ending office work, and then coming home to supposedly relax in front of the TV, News and Social media, etc.

By the time, this daily grind is over, we are so exhausted and ready to tuck ourselves into bed, that we rarely make time, for those who matter and value it the most.

So, keep aside everything, including your phone away, and set up a “US” time together with your special someone.

It does not necessarily have to be a shared activity; you can be just sitting together, wrapped in silence, doing nothing at all. What matters the most is that you are enjoying each other’s company and giving each other your undivided attention.

How about you try that today?


2. Take great interest in knowing them deeply.

It is the simplest, of all the things that you can do, but one that you will have to go out of the way, and make all the effort to know because some people are like an open book, and some need to be slowly given time to unravel.

And as you discover their passion, what they love to do, what their likes and dislikes are, get a rare glimpse into their childhood memories and moments, and sometimes insights into, what ticks them off or scares them the most?

You will realize, your bonds are only getting more meaningful and stronger, and this insight will go a long way in helping you, with many other aspects, to make this person feel magically special like no other.


3. Listen intently; you will be amazed.

What is one thing, people love to do? They love to talk about themselves. Yes, given an opportunity, everyone wants to speak, all but about themselves.

This primal behavior of ours, to feel wanted, and garner all the attention we can get; it makes us happy.

But what happens, is the contrary, since we all want to talk, no one wants to listen. Hence we feel, we are less important; our voice does not matter; nobody cares about us and our feelings, see where I am getting at.

Try this, the next time, when you are having a conversation with anyone. Instead of talking about yourself, Let the other person do the talking, and since your job is to listen intently, it also means giving appropriate verbal, visual cues and showing genuine interest in them.

See, how the person lights up, and how much you get to learn about this person, not only that, you also score extra brownie points, by earning that person’s respect and a deep sense of gratitude.


4. Be their Cheerleader, always standby and encourage them.

One of the biggest lessons of life is that we have to walk alone, to get things done, to reach our destination, to achieve our goals, to fulfill our dreams, we have to walk on that path on our own, no one else can do that for us.

So often, it is not that we are looking out, for a person, who will do these things for us. Instead, we just want someone to be there by our side and give us that extra ounce of courage, cheer us from the sidelines, and encourage us to take the leap when push comes to the shove.

In this race of life, even if we walk alone, it makes a winning difference to have someone rooting for us, and motivate us, to achieve the goals, we set our eyes upon.

Trust me seeing someone succeed, is equally satisfying, for the cheerleaders as well, after all, it is their little encouragement and motivation that paid off.


5. Let them know – no matter what, you believe in them.

As Humans, there are times when we tend to think significantly less of ourselves, we feel that we are not good enough in something or good enough for someone, doubting our capabilities, even though we might be the best amongst all there is.

This self-doubt holds us back from realizing our full potential; there are also times when we find ourselves at loggerheads with the rest of the world.

It is especially important, in times like these, for your partner to know, that no matter what the circumstances are or how badly the odds are stacked against them.

You will always give them the benefit of the doubt; you will always believe in them; they need not, have to prove anything to you.

This belief in them is the cornerstone of trust, the rock on which you will build your relationship further.


6. “I am proud of you”, Say this over and over again.

Do you know about that young kid, who was eternally compared with the next-door son or daughter of Mr. Sharma? Sharmaji’s son did this, Sharmaji’s daughter got that, and look at you, when will you become like them?

And behind all that constant nagging and yelling all you read in between the lines was – When will you make us feel proud like this Sharmaji apparently feels?

Some of you would have had an instant trip down the memory lane, filling in the large shoes of that school kid, wondering, have I done enough to make my Papa and Mumma proud?

There is an inherent desire, in each one of us, to make our loved ones feel, proud about us, it is like an unspoken wish because there is no greater satisfaction and sense of accomplishment for us than to hear these words from our loved ones that “I am proud of you.”

All the sacrifices they have made, all the trials and tribulations they have faced to achieve their goals, feel nothing when compared to that feeling they get when we profess to them the immense sense of pride we feel about them.

Hence as often as possible, keep telling your loved ones about how proud you are of them and see this magical transformation unfold in them, they will be more happy, satisfied, motivated, and extremely focused to achieve anything they set their eyes upon.


7. Appreciate them, for everything.

It is easy for us, to find faults, that is something so inbuilt in our circuitry as Humans, maybe because of some prehistoric survival instinct to spot the variations amongst the norm.

And as much as it is easy for us to spot errors, it is equally difficult, if not more, to appreciate anyone for a job well done.

Not just a job, in fact, we find it very difficult to appreciate anyone, even if it is for small things that include ourselves too.

We tend to believe nobody, is good enough or best enough to be appreciated for, it is reserved only for special occasions and superlative actions. But that opportunity never comes.

It is like this feedback form we fill at restaurants, we never give the highest ratings because as we say in hindi, “Improve karne ka scope hona chahiye na, agar full rating de diye, toh improve kya karega?” meaning we refrain from giving the highest rating purposefully because we believe there should always be a scope for improvement and high ratings will only make the business complacent. And this belief we tend to carry on with us in our normal lives with our loved ones too.

So, always keep in mind that appreciation is one of the most powerful gestures that one can make, it does not require us to move any mountains but just ourselves, by breaking this notion we carry in our mind and when you do, make sure that you Appreciate the person for everything and anything with an honest and open heart, this will not make the person complacent, rather it will inspire a person to aspire higher and be better.


8. Don that Chef’s Hat and cook, you will thank me later.

Food has the ability to nurture and heal; it nourishes us and gives us energy. They say the vibes of the cook, and his/her intentions, pass on to us through the food we eat and make it delicious, remember “Maa ke haath ka khana” mum’s home-cooked food and the magic of her hands.

Cooking is therapeutic; it does not need to be a Master Chef level dish or a complicated recipe. It could be simple things that a person loves and enjoys the most.

You can plan to cook together and/or divide the tasks between each other or take up the helm at the kitchen on the weekend and give your loved one a much-desired day’s off.

It could be breakfast in bed or a Sunday Brunch or a well thought out multi-course evening dinner, sprinkle in a bottle of fine vintage wine, candlelight, and soft music to set the mood and my friend you are set for a culinary experience like no other.

Cooking for a person is an expression of deep care you have for that person and also a fantastic way to show your gratitude.

Already planning for your next cook-off, are you?


9. Plan Surprises (……………) It’s a surprise you see!

When we were young, my sisters and I used to wait for our dad to come home from a long trip, because whenever he used to go out, he used to make sure that he brought us something from that city or the place he visited and we used to wait with beaming eyes for his surprises!

And boy, he really knew how to surprise us, and this tradition carried on with me too as I grew up, I also made it a point to pick up something for home on the way back from my trips, for family members, office friends & loved ones.

So relax, don’t be daunted, when thinking of what to do for a surprise, A surprise can be anything, big or small gesture, just ensure that it makes the day of the person whom you are doing it for. That’s all there to it.

If you have been reading this article till now and following the Ideas I have mentioned above, you will not be in a dilemma of what surprise to plan next? I bet.


10. Celebrate together, even if they are inconsequential things.

We generally have been taught to believe that celebrations are only meant for big occasions or reserved for some significant events in life; however, it need not be so.

If you try, you can find simple random reasons to celebrate together. It could well be a celebration for “no reason” altogether.

Yes, that’s right, sometimes you should celebrate when there is no reason to celebrate. And for the rest, make it a point to create these moments, celebrate even small things in life, especially with your loved ones.

Life is a celebration you see; it’s like this big, never-ending party, and each new day you get, is special, very very special. Make it count.

At the end of this journey, it will not be about the number of breaths you took, rather about the moments that took your breath away.


And so, I am signing off with loads of positive vibes and good wishes from the universe to you as you embark on your journey of discovering and applying these Simple ways to make someone feel special. God Bless!

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