20 Tips How To Keep Yourself Motivated For Fitness

We all know that how difficult it is to keep yourself motivated for fitness, so here are 20 tips that will help you and anyone around you to stay fit.

Most mornings, your alarm rings, you wake up, it’s your usual 5:30 am, but you’ve had a tough day the day before and decide to rationalize why you should skip the workout and take care of yourself.

On most days you adopt this idea, it seems fair to skip working out when you’ve been busy taking care of your work.

It is not easy to juggle all activities that you must perform in a day; perhaps that is why most of us try to push away or postpone something as basic and integral as working out.

Fitness, however, is extremely important for our physical and mental well-being. It keeps us fit and on our feet and able to stay on our feet for longer, and it also refreshes our mind by breaking us free from our mundane everyday lives with that little serotonin.

But it is universally known that staying motivated to stay fit and exercise regularly is one of the toughest things one has to commit to, but not impossible.

Once you understand how important it is to exercise and how good it is for you, it doesn’t take much to go from there.

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Why is it important to Stay Fit?

It is known that with each day you grow, you turn into a different version of yourself slowly, with little things changing each day that you don’t even consciously notice on most days.

On this path, some are always determined to stay fit and healthy; some others are forced into it because of health conditions.

In contrast, some others wish to exercise and stay fit but are never motivated enough or have just an extra chore that they must attend before taking care of themselves.

Thus, it is important to prioritize things that are most important for us or require the most despite multiple plans to do things that could make us happy momentarily.

  • Staying fit means staying happy; it means prioritizing your long-term needs over what you may see important for the short term.
  • Staying fit can ward off multiple others issues, like health problems that accumulate and start showing over time and age. It is important to make you happy, to make yourself stronger and fitter.
  • Staying fit does not amount to staying thin or lose weight as is usually regarded by people. Staying fit is to keep your body moving and giving it the exercise it requires, without which you’re but inviting joint pain in the future.
  • Staying fit lets you eat what you want without having to hesitate multiple times a day because it can increase your cholesterol or blood sugar.
  • Staying fit rids you of external problems that plague you that can easily be avoided. So, if it happiness and joy, without worrying too much about the future you’re looking for, staying fit is important.

When you remember this first step and try to proceed, staying motivated will be a lot easier than you initially thought.


Top 20 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated for Fitness

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to stay motivated when you keep your long-term goals and initial reasons to exercise or staying fit on your mind.

That will drive you halfway there; however, we know how difficult it is to stay motivated in the long term, so here are 20 tips that will help you and anyone around you to stay fit. These are:

1. Remember the reasons you started

When you know why you started, you have a goal in your mind. You can visualize what you need and what you wanted that pushed you to start your journey towards fitness in the first place.

Most days, you feel an urge to quit and leave behind the fitness goal; it is understandable since most journeys and desires to stay fit are guided by being better or different.

But more often than not, people realize that staying fit and healthy is the ultimate goal. It is our reasons that guide us better than any other external factor.


2. Try to join fitness groups or exercise in groups that cheer you up

It is proven by multiple responses that people prefer to exercise in groups or share stories about their growth and other experiences.

It is known that it is easy to experience things when someone else is sharing the experience with you, similarly sharing your plan and journey with others can help motivate you.

It will make you want to meet your friends or others you met along the way if nothing else, and you will still exercise.


3. Make sure to remind yourself how you feel post-workout

It is also widely known that the endorphin rush after a workout is unmatched. Most people continue working out after a week or two because of the endorphin rush. People even take up fitness training simply because of the endorphin rush.

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4. Make sure you keep a log of how different you feel after working out for a while

Once you understand that you feel better after working out, you also understand why fitness is important.

If you’re clear about feeling better, it is also important that you make a log of it that is recording it so you can refer to it later when you’re putting off working out.


5. Surround yourself with motivation and things you’d like to work on

Most people say that if you’re around people who motivate you to do things, you begin instilling it and working for it instead of developing feelings of doubt, etc.

The same is with having objects or other things that motivate you, such as posters or developing habits like talking to people interested in what you’re interested in.


6. Set smaller challenges for you

We all want to hit the bull’s eye as soon as we can, but nothing worth having comes too easily. That is why everyone considers it important to take smaller steps, set smaller goals that help you achieve your greater goal in the end.

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7. But don’t forget long-term challenges

You should set up smaller goals as instruments to achieving larger feats that you wish to later, but that should not pull you away from what you plan to achieve.

Your incremental goals should add to your success, not pull you away from them.


8. Listen to music or other stimulants when you work out

If you tend to get distracted or bored plainly working out or need something to keep you engaged, it is usually suggested to listen to catchy music to stick to your routine and also enjoy the music.

Similar exercises also include listening to podcasts or encouraging audiobooks etc. These tend to keep you focused and engaged more than you’d think.


9. Choose to eat healthily and the delicious, slightly unhealthy food you enjoy

The biggest fitness sin is eating too much unhealthy food, which affects your system more than anything else. Due to knowledge of this, people tend to stop eating completely, which is wrong too.

To stay fit, one must opt for healthier options in food, but that does not prevent one from eating what they like once in a while in a proper proportion. It would help if you devoured what you like while eating healthy.


10. Use apps that can help you keep track of progress

With everything shifting to phones and apps, it is also advised that you keep track of your fitness progress on your phone through a fitness tracker.

Not only does this make your work exponentially easier, but it also suggests options try out that can help you improve according to your workout plan or eating schedule. Since this is personalized, it is even more helpful.


11. Try making exercise the one activity you enjoy in the day

Most people dread fitness and exercising because it is taxing, it is a chore, it is something that you’re made to do to reap a reward.

Because of such a perspective, it becomes an activity that people tend not to enjoy; if your fitness-related activities are something you look forward to, you will perform much better and keep up with schedules.


12. Compete with the people you work out if that pushes you

If you’re working out in groups, you should also take up small healthy competitions with your peers. This helps you improve and also adds a flavor of fun to the mundane.


13. Trick yourself into better goals

We usually have larger goals in mind and do not focus on smaller successes, but more often than not, we set small goals, and after completing them, we stop. This is where the issue begins.

If we’re starting with smaller goals and halt after a small distance, no big dream can be achieved. Thus, it is important to trick yourself into doing more, into thinking that if you do a little more, you’ll get a better result. This, by all means, is not a lie.


14. Keep track of your success

Where you started and look where you’re now! This is a common mechanism to motivate people; one’s progress pushes one to achieve things better than they have in the past.

It allows them to see they are capable of development and growth and can grow much more if they wish to.

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15. Listen to your inner voice, do what you want for yourself

There are plenty of people who can tell you to do things the way people have been doing all along. To follow conventional advice for conventional body types, etc. This should not discourage you or stop you from getting anything you want.

It is you who decides what you want and what you can achieve, listen to your inner voice and proceed; what you do is supposed to benefit your well-being, so naturally, anybody else’s opinion is moot.


16. Always have a backup

If you have a backup exercise routine, it is less likely that you choose to skip on a given day. For example – some days you can go on walks, cycling, which helps you freshen up and help you stay fit simultaneously.


17. Follow routines

Everything dictated by a routine can be easily followed for the long term. This is because it adds a structure to your life and activities that may have been missing previously. Adding fitness to your routine, or routines for fitness that how results, will help you immensely.


18. Set a date or make a proper schedule

If you have proper schedules to exercise, the chances of you deferring are lesser and lesser. Unless some dire circumstances prevent you from it, a schedule will help you stay motivated continuously.


19. Go beyond the gym

It is not only the gym that can help you be fit; many other routines and patterns help people stay fit. Nowadays, effective activities include yoga, swimming, cycling, walking, and many more. These are good substitutes, and you might enjoy the change from time to time.


20. Make sure you rest

You must stay fit and healthy, yes. But one cannot do that with a tired mind and body. This is why it is most important that you rest periodically or experience any pain to start again later without any issues.


The final thought

After a point of time, working out becomes as easy as breathing; you make it part of your day, and it still has the power to brighten your day with those extra endorphins and a chance to make new friends, if nothing else.

Staying fit has its fair share of benefits, but staying fit, in the end, is but a choice you make. If you choose to stay fit, you will find multiple reasons to stay motivated and continue as you like.

So, tomorrow, wake up and choose to do better and not postpone the endorphin rush you require.

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