30 Days Mindfulness Challenges To Become A Better You

Are you one of those who want to upgrade yourself on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. I have created a 30 days mindfulness challenges which will help you to become a better version of yourself every day.

We all have the desire to improve ourselves and for this, we try lots of things but after some time we fail to continue.

There are two main reasons for our failure. First, we set unrealistic expectations with ourselves, and second, we don’t stick to it.

The most common example is, at the beginning of the new year most people who want to get fit, join a fitness center, gym but after some time feel bored and discontinue it.

We have divided these challenges into three-level- simple, moderate, and hard. You can choose any challenge of any level but make sure, to be honest with yourself during those 30 days.

I promise this 30-day challenge project will help you to be a ‘Better You’.

So let’s start!

Level 1 – Simple

1. Just STOP and RELAX

In today’s life, everyone is busy with their personal and professional life that we have forgotten to spend time with ourselves.

In a single day, we have to complete a big task list. I am not saying that you should ignore your to-do list.

All I mean is that sometimes over-organized behavior leads to anxiety. So for the next 30 days make a promise to yourself to have a bit of free time to just STOP and RELAX.

2. No expectation for 30 days

Having expectations with others is the biggest cause of our worries and it further leads to disappointment.

For the next 30 days rather depending on others ask yourself what expectations you have for yourself in life and work on them.

Try to find out new possibilities to fulfill your own expectations from life.

3. Walk for 15 minutes daily

Walking is the simplest form of exercise and helps you lose weight, boost your energy, and improve blood circulation.

If I give you the challenge to run 5 KMs daily, it will be unrealistic. For the next 30 days, you just have to walk for 15 minutes.

Whenever you get a chance to walk, go for a short walk. Even if it is during your lunch break!

4. Compliment someone each day

When you compliment a random person for a random thing, it not only makes them feel good but also gives you a reason to smile.

It is a fact that when we do good for others, we feel good for ourselves as well because “what goes around, comes around!” Don’t let your ego overpower your true nature as a human being.

5. Drink water while sitting

Every other blogger is writing about the importance of drinking water. You must have heard that you should drink 2-3 liters of water every day to be healthy.

I agree with that but how you should drink water, it matters a lot.

If you drink water while standing, you are not able to get its benefits because it doesn’t reach your internal organs and is unable to clean them.

On the opposite side when you drink water while sitting, water reaches your kidney, bladder and detoxifies them.

For 30 days drink water slowly while sitting and get its maximum benefits.

6. Chew your food

You must have heard from your teachers in your primary classes that we should chew our food 32 times.

But in this busy world, we have forgotten this teaching. We are just gulping our food as we are always in a hurry.

If you take this challenge, chew your food as much as possible. The science behind it is that, when you chew your food properly, then your digestive system takes less time to digest your food. While chewing you eat less so that it helps to lose weight. 

7. Start your day with any seasonal fruit

We all start our day with either tea or coffee. This is the main culprit of our poor health. In the morning our metabolism is on top and drinking tea or coffee creates a negative effect on it which causes acidity, gas, bloating, indigestion, stress, and anxiety.

So you have to start your day with fresh fruit of your choice (avoid sour fruits) or soaked nuts. After 30 minutes you can have your favorite tea or coffee.

8. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day

Start a gratitude journal and every evening before going to sleep jot down three things you are thankful for.

These can be the tiniest things like you didn’t get much traffic while going to work or you got a compliment from someone.

9. Smile more

Have you ever noticed that when you smile, you look more graceful? You can try it at this very moment.

Just click 2 pictures of yourself one without a smile and another with a smile and see the difference. So a smile is precious and the most affordable thing you can wear with you all the time.

Try to smile and spread the positive energy you have within you. It can make all the difference in the world.

10. Listen to good music

When you feel sad you prefer to listen to sad music and when you are at a party you listen to the music that energizes you.

It means we listen to music according to our mood. If we see the opposite side, music has the power to change our mood.

If you are sad but you listen to some good and soothing music, you automatically feel good.

So in this challenge, you have to listen to music for the mood you want to be, instead of the mood you are already in. 


Level 2 – Moderate

11. Avoid negative people

Sometimes it is unavoidable to face toxic people but in this challenge, you have to stay away from those people as much as possible.

Try not to fall into an argument with them. If it is impossible to avoid them then try not to share their negativity. 

12. Create a moment folder

In this challenge, you have to click one picture of your best moment of the day and save all the photos in a folder on your phone or computer.

You can post them on your social media channels if you want to. But the rule is that only 1 photo you should click per day.

The purpose of doing so is that sometimes you think that there is nothing interesting in your life and after 30 days when you open your moment folder, you will see how amazing your life is.

13. Accept yourself

It is human nature that we can accept others as they are but not ourselves. All the time we say to ourselves that you are not good, you can’t do this, etc.

This has become our habit to curse ourselves. To change this pattern you have to give yourselves 30 days.

Accept yourself and say nice words to yourself. To do so you can stand in front of a mirror and praise whatever you like in yourself. Do it for 30 days and trust me you will fall in love with yourself.  

14. Practice self-care

In our busy schedule, we almost forget to ourselves. You can easily find people by saying that I don’t have time for self-care. In a single day, we have 24 hours or 1440 minutes. Can’t we give ourselves a few minutes?

For the next 3o days, try to do things that make you happy. Make a list of self-care activities that make you feel good, put them on the calendar, and start doing them every day. 

15. Meditate for 5-15 minutes every day

If you are unable to take the challenge number 1, then you can start practicing meditation.

When you listen to the word “meditation”, you may think you have to sit in an uncomfortable lotus position. Just relax.

You can sit in any comfortable position either on the floor or on a chair, you can also lie down on your bed. If you are a beginner then you can start with some guided meditation which is easily available on youtube.

16. Plan your weekly meals on Sunday

To save your time, you can plan ahead your meals on Sunday evening. It will help you to save lots of time and also gives you a clear idea of what things you have to buy in your grocery list. Try it, your life will definitely become easier and more organized.

17. Don’t complain for 30 days

You may not be aware while complaining about others so first you just need to realize that you are doing it.

Then you have to start tracking what you complain about and to whom. Complaining about someone or some situation not only affects others but also filled with your negativity.

So for the next 30 days be self-aware and more mindful to avoid complaining. And if there is something serious you absolutely have to complain about, turn the complaint into looking for a solution. 

18. Don’t copy others

There is a useful command in our computer that is Ctrl+c which copies the content and later we can paste that content anywhere.

But we have adopted the computer feature in our lives as well. All the time we are copying others and we have forgotten our own true nature.

Everyone has a unique quality in them, all you need to identify your uniqueness and behave according to that.

So in this challenge, you will promise to yourself that I won’t copy others and will do what I want to do.

19. Have your dinner before 8

The secret of celebrities’ fitness is that they don’t eat after sunset. The simple reason is that after sunset our metabolism is on the downside and it is unable to digest heavy food.

In our busy schedule, it is not easy to have food before sunset. All you can do is have light dinner and have it before 8 or 3 hours before going to bed. 

20. Get a professional qualification

If you feel like your career may be stagnating, you can give yourself this great challenge. There is no age to learn and you always have a scope to learn.

Find short term professional training courses related to your field and enroll yourself. You should take responsibility for your own professional growth from time to time.

You can check some online short courses on Udemy.


Level 3 – Hard

21. Throw away one thing every day

Don’t take me wrong if I am saying you throw away one of your things for the next 30 days.

This challenge is to throw those things which have occupied physical space around you or mental space in your head and not are in use for long.

For example, it may be some old receipts in your wallet or a shirt you haven’t worn for the last 5 years. You can consider donating those things which are not in your use to the needy.

Start with little things and finally, find the strength to throw away those things that connect you to your negative past and hold you back from moving forward.

22. Write a journal

To write a journal, it is not necessary that you have to be creative. Journaling is a habit to analyze yourself at the end of the day.

You can buy a notepad and write down your day in it. What was good, what made you stressed, what have you learned or what is your achievement of the day.

While writing doesn’t judge yourself, it is your own notepad, you can write whatever you feel like writing.

Nobody is going to read it. Journaling is an extremely powerful mindfulness practice.

Putting your thoughts on paper will help you get you in touch with your internal world, reduce stress, and help in self-assessment.

23. Read a book in 30 days

In today’s digital world, book reading can be a little difficult for you. But the habit of reading not only improves your vocabulary but also boosts your mental health.

According to me, books are the true treasure on earth which is available for everyone. For the next 30 days set yourself a goal to actually finish a book in 30 days this time.

Read at your own pace. You can either do 10 minutes every day before going to bed or sitting in a cafe while enjoying your own company.


Best self-help books to read 

Best spiritual books 

Top 10 life-changing books

24. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

You go to the office on time and come back at the time. Likewise, our body also has an inbuilt clock.

Most of us don’t have any fixed routine to go to bed that’s why we wake up tired and stressed. So we don’t follow our body clock that’s why we are always in a hurry. 

Now think like that if you have a rush free morning, you can have your breakfast properly, you won’t get irritated with the traffic on your way to work.

Make a fixed routine for your wakeup and bedtime for 30 days, shut down your screen 30 minutes before going to bed, you can also take a good foot massage for sound sleep.

25. Do one random act of kindness every day

This is your chance to spread positivity. With this practice, you can make someone’s entire day.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go to an orphanage to help children every day or help an old person to cross the road.

There are hundreds of little things you can do every day. Like you can give a lift to someone, say thank you to your cab driver, or reconnect with an old friend.

You can choose your act of kindness according to you and start working on them every day.

26. Try a new hobby for 30 days

For those who have got bored with their routine, pick up a new hobby and commit to it for the next 30 days. It will add a bit of excitement in your day to day life.

Hobbies always don’t mean to learn a new skill, it can be as simple as meeting new people or listening to a podcast while driving.  

27. Go on a digital fast every day

You must have the word Digital Detox. It doesn’t mean you can’t use your phone, but it simply means to avoid its excess use.

Try to avoid any screen while having your food, before going to bed or while waking up. When you limit your time on digital devices you will be amazed to see how much free time you have left!

You can make this free time more productive, spend time with your family and you will notice the positive changes in your mood as well because a lot of the things we watch on TV or read in our news feed just annoy or upset us anyway.

28. Ditch one bad habit you have

As adopting a new habit takes time likewise ditching an old habit takes time and dedication. No one helps you to get rid of that habit other than you.

So you should decide which one bad habit is ruining your life and then try to ditch it. It can be smoking, drinking, procrastinating, eating junk food and so on.

29. Do something that scares you every day

Doing something that scares you isn’t easy at all, but it will help you push your boundaries in the future, make you more productive.

So for the next 30 days look for ways to step out of your comfort zone. A little step to conquer your fear can make a big difference in your life.

30. Celebrate “Say to no day”

In this challenge, you have to choose one thing every day you want to say no. For example, you can celebrate “no sugar day”, “so salt day”, “not spend the day”, “no tea/coffee day” etc.

You can create your list of a few things to which you want to say no and celebrate your “SAY TO NO DAY.”


So here are 30 challenges for everyone. It is not necessary that you have to take all these challenges neither you have any competition with others.

You can choose any single challenge but you have to stick on it for 30 days.

Let me know your suggestions in the comment section.

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