4 Simple Ways To Prevent Back Pain Naturally

Back pain is a growing concern amongst people across the world. Ever since the advent of Covid-19, work from home has become the new normal. Here are 4 simple ways to prevent back pain naturally.

Due to this people are now sitting for longer periods and outdoor exercises seem to have taken a backseat.

Long hours on the chair, an improper posture and unhealthy eating habits lead to back pain and makes people seek professional back pain treatment advice from medical practitioners.

While pain killers may provide immediate relief, you should work on the aspects that are leading to back pain and prevent the problem altogether.

A dramatic change in the existing lifestyle, followed by a healthier and more active lifestyle seems to be the ideal solution.

It will prevent you from getting back pain and reduce the reliance on back pain treatment to ease the pain.

In this blog, we will share a few tips and healthy practices that you must adopt and avoid the requirement for any back pain treatment.

Ways to prevent back pain:

1. Maintain A Proper Posture

This advice is even more relevant for people who have a desk bound job and spend hours every day working on a computer or laptop either at home or in the office.

The constant bending or slouching over a keyboard tends to cause extra stress on the back muscles, eventually leading to pain.

Some health practitioners advise taking a break of 10-15 minutes every hour for a small walk, to help the muscles relax and realign with the body.

A simple gesture such as adopting a more comfortable and properly aligned sitting posture will help you avoid the need for back pain treatment in the future.


2. Shed Any Excess Weight Your Body May Have

While all health practitioners suggest maintaining a healthy body weight for overall fitness and health, it is the most important factor if one wishes to avoid back pain treatment.

Excess weight puts immense additional pressure on our body’s back muscles, and you start to feel the brunt of it in the form of pain.

Adopting a healthy eating lifestyle and maintaining your body’s ideal weight will reduce the excess stress on the muscles, thus preventing the pain.


3. Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Yes, even a simple gesture such a sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain.

As per health experts, the best and most ideal position for sleeping is on your side. However, if you are in the habit of sleeping on your stomach, then it is advisable to place a pillow under the stomach.

Some health experts also advice not using a pillow at all if you prefer sleeping on your back, as this helps the body and muscles relax thereby preventing the need for any back pain treatment.


4. Get Plenty of Exercise

An inactive lifestyle will not only lead weight gain but also cause our muscles to weaken for lack of exercise.

This can gradually build up into back pain problems, for which we may need to seek professional back pain treatment.

Exercising helps the body muscles and joints to remain fluid and active, so that any sudden or repetitive movements do not cause strain or injury.

Starting your day with 15 minutes of any simple exercise is recommended for people who are not in the habit of exercising.


Final thought

A proper body posture while sitting or sleeping, followed by an active lifestyle and healthy eating will go a long way in easing the back pain problems and eliminate the need for back pain treatment. Also make sure that you exercise regularly to improve your health and overall fitness levels.

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