40 Self Care Ideas To Kickstart A Healthy Lifestyle Routine

Self care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It means taking care of your physical and mental health, and making sure you’re doing things that make you happy and fulfilled.

It’s not selfish to put yourself first – in fact, it’s crucial to your overall wellbeing. When you take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of others and meet the demands of daily life.

There are lots of different ways to practice self care. It might involve making time for yourself every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It could mean taking a break when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or saying no to commitments that are too much.

It might mean getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and spending time with friends and family. Whatever it looks like for you, make sure you’re taking care of yourself so you can be your best self.

Most of the time, when we are busy, we tend to forget about the things that are most important to us. We forget to take care of ourselves, leaving us stressed and overwhelmed. Self care is an important part of having a healthy life routine, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

While your work matters, it is imperative that you take care of yourself. The first step in that process is to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy.

The good news is this can be simple in its implementation. You simply need to make a list of things you can do on a regular basis that will make you feel good. This blog will give you 40 self care ideas to have a healthy life routine.

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Here are 40 self care ideas for a healthy you:

1. Learn how to relax:

In this busy lifestyle, we have almost forgotten how to stay relaxed without doing anything. So take the opportunity and start practice to sit with yourself.

2. Meditate:

It is the best time to practice meditation which you are thinking to start so long.

3. Start Reading:

You always wanted to read books but you were procrastinating by saying that you don’t have time to read. So make a list of good books and start reading them.

4. Start a new online course:

Whether you want to enhance your professional skills or want to learn something new, register yourself to an online course and start learning from today. Udemy is my favorite platform to learn.

5. Do yoga:

Yoga is an ancient practice that needs time and patience to learn. Now you have all the time to start practicing yoga.

6. Strategise your finances:

You can become your own financial expert and start planning your finances to invest like a pro and save the money for your future goals.

7. Listen to your favorite music:

Make a playlist of your all-time favorite songs and enjoy the music during this time.

8. Experiment with recipes:

Cooking your favorite dish in your own unique style can be experimented during this isolation time.

9. Start a bullet journal:

While scrolling on Pinterest you will get some creative ideas to put your thoughts in a journal.

10. Do research on something:

If you want to do research on anything which was in your mind for long do it now.

11. Do a social media detox:

Although it would be a little difficult to stay away from your digital devices, you can try to avoid social media websites that are spreading fear and comparison.

12. Clean your space:

Apart from regular cleaning, you can declutter and clean your space.

13. Practice timely eating habits:

While you are at home, you can fix your eating times and make it a habit.

14. Catch up on your favorite Youtube channels

15. Create a bucket list

A list of those things you want to do before die.

16. Practice gratitude journaling

Start your gratitude journal to start your day with positive energy.

17. Write handwritten cards or letters to your loved one.

18. Write products review online

You have bought so many things online, and you love them all. Now you can leave some genuine reviews of those products which will help future customers.

19. Take a saline bath:

It will help you to exfoliate your body and make you feel more relaxed.

20. Listen to some motivating Ted Talks.

21. Learn a new language or at least some basic words of that language to start.

22. Be creative:

Do whatever you love to do to feed your creative mind. Write poems, do sketching, or play with colors.

23. Take a lot of naps.

24. Move your body at home after every hour.

25. Practice deep breathing

Try to learn different breathing techniques and start practicing them.

26. Redecorate or rearrange your home.

27. Learn how to bake and bake your favorite cake on your own.

28. Stay hydrated

Keep track of your water intake on a daily basis and try to hydrate yourself.

29. Take a self oil massage, hair spa or experiment with some herbal and homemade face packs.

30. Learn a new hairstyle or watch a makeup tutorial.

31. Spend more time with your family members.

32. Start a blog:

If you love to write then why not start a blog on your own and share your thoughts with the world.

33. Start writing your goals which you want to complete within this year.

34. Make a list of deep questions and write the honest answers of them in your journal.

35. Give yourself a new challenge and work on it.

36. Call your long-distance friends.

37. Find out ways how to make money online.

38. Make a list of series or movies you want to watch and watch them.

39. Practice self-affirmation to boost your inner strength.

40. Visualize your ideal day and work on it.


With this positive note, I would love to send lots of love to everyone and welcome all your suggestions on it in the comment section below.

Take care!

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