5 Extraordinary SMART Goals to Improve Your Life Significantly

Setting daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly goals can help you live a quality life. It will give you a reason for living or pressing on when you feel like giving up. You can choose to set daily goals or follow a timetable. Here are some of the best SMART Goals to improve your life and that you may wish to add to your routine.

What comes into your mind when you think of life? Is it a hard nut to crack, a piece of cake, or a realm where you can just become anything?

We all have different definitions of life depending on our mindsets, experiences, the current stage in life, and so on.

However, I’ve realized one major fact about life, and that it’s a gift! Most of us never value living until we’re told that we’ve only got 6 months to live. You can imagine the restlessness, confusion, and disbelief that sets in!

So, if you’re still alive regardless of what you’re going through, simply try to believe that better days are yet to come, although it isn’t easy. It will take determination and pressing on with what counts!

Anyway in this piece, I would like to share 5 extraordinary smart goals that can help you improve your quality of life significantly. Let’s get started.

What are Smart Goals & How Are They Related to Living?

I guess you’ve heard that life is a race, but how can you win a race without setting goals? Goal setting is vital in life because there are many things that can take us off course.

Setting goals can also help us live a more meaningful life. Precisely, it’s goals that give purpose to living.

The term SMART Goals is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. That means that any goal you set must be clear, realistic, attainable, and associated with any value i.e whether qualitative or quantitative. Moreso, there should be a timeframe within which that goal can be achieved.

5 Extraordinary SMART Goals to Improve Your Life Significantly

1. Prioritize well-being

Some people say “health is wealth” and this is quite true. Health is essential to enjoying life and living longer. Currently, there is a range of practices that one can follow to live healthier and happier.

Some of these include regular exercise, having a balanced diet, intentionally choosing to be happy, and increasing outdoor activity.

When it comes to exercise, ensure to walk around your neighborhood every evening, go to the gym, or run. Regular exercise is associated with a range of benefits, for example, it can strengthen your joints, improve cognitive function, reduce stress, and increase happy hormones in your body.

When it comes to your diet, ensure to cut out or reduce junk and sugary foods. These are associated with a range of downsides such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. However, increase antioxidants, vitamins, and green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Generally, avoid living a sedentary lifestyle because it is one of the major root causes of many diseases and a shortened lifespan. You can also find out the secret to a longer life here.


2. Keep Up With Time

Time, Time, Time. Time is very crucial, because, with time, you can plan, invest, and enjoy your success. That’s why many successful people know how valuable time is. Yet, as all that remains a fact, many of us struggle with time management.

Poor time management is one of the major triggers of stress in life. The latest stress statistics indicate that 94% of workers report feeling stressed at work and poor time management is partly to blame. It can hamper an entire schedule.

For example, reporting late at work and being embarrassed due to it is simply enough to ruin the entire day. You won’t fit in and if you manage, you may fail to catch up with the deadlines.

Poor time management where we spend a lot of time on social media and sleep late is also associated with a range of drawbacks. It can affect sleep quality, trigger mood changes, and also affect memory.

If you’re battling stress, try out a few stress management solutions to help improve your life.


3. Live Within Your Means

There is nothing detrimental like living another person’s life or being a people pleaser. Trying to live the way your colleagues do for example shopping every month or preferring an expensive lifestyle is catastrophic.

Rather, learn to be who you are and live within your budget. This will help you manage your finances better, and avoid loans that may stress you out due to the interest rate.

A wonderful tip here is to ensure investing in order to broaden your income sources and be able to live the life you want.


4. Develop a Positive Mentality

Also termed as positive thinking, a positive mentality is a way of thinking characterized by optimism, resilience, acceptance, mindfulness, and positive affirmations. Life is generally a rollercoaster and there are times when you will feel like the world is crushing on you.

These moments normally stir up stress, suicidal thoughts, and low self-esteem. To make matters worse, they can hamper sleep quality and mental health.

There are generally many things that can break our inner person and more often this feeling is reflected physically and in our normal life.

In this case, you can try out a few things such as listening to music when you feel like giving up and practice positive affirmations. Repeat quotes that affirm what you want to become or achieve.

Besides that, remember that your today is not your tomorrow, and also, your yesterday doesn’t define you, it was just a stepping stone!


5. Be Open to Learning

Committing yourself to being a lifelong learner has much to offer. It can not only improve your knowledge bank, but it will also improve cognitive flexibility. There is generally a lot to learn, if only we choose to.

It should be noted that people who learn and apply that knowledge in real life benefit a lot. Learning in the workplace or home can help you become sharper and more confident about yourself.

More so, it can help one grow and improve. Choose to read books, research specific topics, and seek others’ wisdom. All these targets can help you feel happier with your way of living and improve the quality of your life.


Bottom Line

Smart goals may differ greatly because we all have different targets and are at different stages in life. However, depending on what you want to manifest in your life, try to set appropriate smart goals. Setting goals and endeavoring to follow them can improve any person’s life significantly.

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