6 Lifestyle Changes To Keep Yourself Motivated

To keep yourself motivated in this competitive world is no easy task, especially after the onset of the COVID 19 Pandemic. From losing businesses and jobs to losing loved ones, people across the globe have gone through a lot.

Even if you haven’t gone through any unhappy incident, you must have seen friends and family struggling. When you hear negative news almost every day and face an uncertain situation, it automatically makes you feel and think negatively.

Keeping yourself motivated in such circumstances is not a simple thing. But it is not impossible either. The challenging part here is that motivational power comes from the inside.

Regardless of how tough the situation is, only you can motivate yourself and lift yourself up again.
That said, a motivational trigger can be different for everyone.

Things that help you to stay motivated may not work for your cousin or colleague. However, certain lifestyle changes can play a massive role in boosting your mood and keep you motivated.

Here are 5 lifestyle changes to keep you motivated:

1. Stay Positive

Infusing your mind with positive thoughts will bring positive changes in your life. You get what you expect! So try to have an optimistic approach, regardless of what’s happening around you. Expect great things to happen to you, and they will start happening.

Also, the words you speak have a substantial impact on your thinking and mood. Every morning stand in front of a mirror and speak out loud, “I am sure something good will happen to me today!” You will see the magical effects of positivity soon.

You can also create a list of things that make you feel good and save it. Whenever you feel low, select some activity from the list and do it. You will see how instantly it will divert your mind and make you feel better.

You can also look to acquire the services of a life coach to help you stay positive and motivated.


2. Stop Multitasking

While most people cite multitasking as their strength, in general, it causes more harm than good. When working on multiple tasks, you fail to complete most of them. And thus, you lack that feeling of accomplishment. The result is an unmotivated you!

When you multitask, you have a pile of tasks to do. Focusing on more than one task also lowers your work quality. This deprives you of much-needed motivation.

According to a study at the University of Sussex, constant multitasking damages your brain. Studies found that multitasking reduces your productivity by 40%.

To stay focused and take things one by one, prepare a to-do list and follow it. This way, you will have a planned, productive day.

And at the end of the day, when looking back at the task crossed in the list, you will get the feeling of accomplishment.


3. Reward Yourself

Always take time out to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they are. The reward policy plays a huge part in keeping you motivated.

The reward could be anything, from having a fun time with friends and family to taking a weekend out. You can also treat yourself to a movie night.

You need constant reminders telling you that you are capable of achieving your goals. Think about your recent accomplishment and plan a way to celebrate it within a week or ten days. You will feel a positive change in yourself and feel motivated for the next task lined up.


4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Eliminate negative people and conversations out of your life. The negativity that you take from your surroundings makes you focus on all the wrong things. This may also divert your focus from your goals.

Also, avoid engaging in negative conversations. If you find yourself caught in the middle of a negative conversation, stay quiet. Or, if possible, change the topic to something productive.

Surround yourself with positive people who are happy with whatever life throws at them. Positive people spread positive vibes and keep people around them motivated.


5. Read and Watch Motivational Stories

Reading and watching motivational stories fills your mind with inspiring information. The inspiration you take from such literature keeps you motivated.

Go to the nearest bookstore or library and find at least one motivational book on a subject you feel relates to your current situation. For example, if you struggle to maintain work-life balance or face some relationship issues, find a book on a related topic.

One of the best ways to get you motivated in life is to listen to motivational talks. You can listen to inspirational Ted Talks to get some motivation from the speakers and live a life you love.


6. Stay Fit

Your physical health has a direct effect on your mental health. If you are fit and healthy, you will stay happy, upbeat, and motivated, and vice versa.

No matter how busy your life is, take out time for yourself. Eat a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, and have enough sleep – at least 8-hour sleep at night. Besides, working out regularly is a must, even if it means a 15-minute walk around the block.

Once you adopt these healthy habits, you will automatically start feeling better. Besides, be kind to yourself. Give yourself a chance of mistake, and rather than cursing yourself for any mistake or unwanted result, learn from the experience.

Some Additional Tips for Instilling Positivity and Staying Motivated

Here are some additional tips to help you stay motivated in 2021.

  • Changing your attitude can help you deal with stressful situations more positively.
  • Set meaningful goals and focus on things and situations you can control. This will help you feel less stuck.
  • Prepare a list of things you can do to calm down and feel better when feeling sad or nervous.
  • Connect with loved ones often, even if it means connecting with them virtually on video calls.
  • Stay disciplined, and you will feel less anxious.
  • Seek professional help if needed.


Protip: Never Give Up!

The mantra to a successful life filled with motivation is never to give up. No matter how challenging the situation is, never lose hope; never stop doing. Do not think about your failures. Instead, focus on your past accomplishments. This will give you an extra boost of energy to reach your goal.

Final Words!

Are you struggling to change certain things in your life? Or are you seeking motivation through personal development? In either case, these lifestyle changes will help you boost your mood as well as motivation level.

Just stay determined and purposefully infuse a positive perspective into your life. This way, you will eliminate the negativity out of your life and be motivated and committed. Good Luck!

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