7 Rules of Life To Gain Mental Clarity

Are you rushed, stressed out, feeling anxious, and ready to call it quits? These simple rules will help you how to gain mental clarity.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.– Wayne Dyer.

Our daily life is mostly extremely busy, hectic, and at times, overwhelming. It may sometimes feel like bringing just a little more inner peace and calmness into your life is a hopeless wish that’s too difficult to be attained.

No matter how difficult it seems, small and smart changes can make a big difference. Here are 7 important rules of life that can help you to calm down and gain mental clarity.

1. Start with having an open mind.

The first step is often the most important one as it helps us to create a foundation. In most cases, having a narrow mind can hurt our thinking process because naturally we as humans don’t like being disapproved of.

We don’t like feeling like we’re wrong because it makes us feel rejected and unaccepted. So if you don’t have an open mind which means you stand firmly on your beliefs and ideas and oppose others who think otherwise, you will feel extremely agitated and uncomfortable when people with different beliefs and ideas are presented in front of you.

On the contrary, if you have got an open mind, you’d not mind listening to other people’s opinions in a rather impersonal manner and embrace the difference, want to understand it better, become adaptable and flexible in your approach.

You’d feel at ease with differences and feel positive about the change. This would automatically resolve your mental conflicts as well.


2. De-clutter your mind.

We usually have a thousand different things screaming inside our heads, seeking attention. From the morning, we start thinking about how the day will be like, what to cook for breakfast, what all office chores are to be managed, what to eat for lunch, the dishes and the laundry that needs to be done, to catch up with friends on a video call, to get veggies for dinner, so on and so forth. The list is never-ending – and often it just freaks us out.

It’s time to declutter the mind! Once you wake up and get done with your morning rituals, write down the things that are to be managed for the day, and then mark them in order of priority. Let’s get one thing straight – you cannot accomplish anything unless you get yourself some of the clarity that comes from creating space in your life, in your relationships and your environment.


3. Avoid overanalyzing everything.

I know, it’s something extremely difficult to be controlled – and I end up overthinking & overanalyzing certain things. But I’m learning to be more mindful.

Overanalyzing is dwelling on the thought about something, thinking about it over and over, trying to dig deeper and deeper, because somehow you believe it could end up giving you a way out. When in doubt, overanalyzing somehow gives us comfort. Most of the time, we never actually get an answer but a set of worries.

I’ve found out that writing down the thought in a piece of paper often helps me to calm down and shift my focus.

Otherwise, to avoid overanalyzing, we need to be more outspoken with people whom we have doubts about, take things as they come, and listen closely to our intuition.


4. Never compare yourself with others.

We are all unique in our ways – and it’s an act of foolishness to compare our lives with that of someone else. You will never be truly happy if you keep looking outside and wish you have what you don’t.

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side but that does not mean it’s actually greener. If you keep wishing, hoping, expecting something else, and don’t feel happy with what you already have, you will always feel miserable and feel like something is missing in your life.

We often conclude that someone’s living a happy life by seeing their social media profiles, but mostly, that’s not how it should be.

While comparing yourself to others in a healthy dose as to set yourself a benchmark of success or accomplishment can be motivating, doing so with jealousy burning within is not.

If you can live simply and appreciate what you have, acknowledge that everyone is different, and stop comparing yourself to others, you will experience joy and happiness in everyday life.


5. Look for the positive in every situation.

When something goes wrong, we often feel depressed and keep thinking about why that happened to us. But running into unfortunate situations is outside our control and we can choose to feel sad, annoyed, angry, or stressed about the situation or turn it around and focus on the positive. We can either remain stuck in it and keep being sad in a loop or let go, move on and start afresh.

Learning from a failure or a bad experience makes us a better human. Every setback in life teaches us something and helps us to grow out of our comfort zones, trains our minds to be stronger, more resilient, and more equipped to be able to deal with things in the future.


6. Let go of your need to control.

The more we try to control a situation, the more stress we inflict on ourselves. I know that having control over things makes us feel secure but at the same time, being unable to control makes us anxious. It can drive us crazy if things don’t go as per our plans.

Trying to control things will not only drive other people away which will make you panic even more when that happens, but it also hinders you from achieving happiness from within.

It’s important to know that we can’t control everything – and thus, it’s better to let go of the need to control. If you’re struggling to let go, start with meditation.

Sometimes, even meditation might seem hard because you need to control yourself not to think about anything while meditating – but that’s the key! Remember that the fire is only within you.


7. Learn to live in the moment.

The best gift you have is the present. Make sure to live in the moment.

I believe that one of the reasons little kids and happy couples on dates are happy is because they live in the moment. They focus on what is happening in front of them and pay attention to the person they are with.

When you live in the moment and do your best, you just feel happy. Why wouldn’t you? It’s the time when you don’t worry about the future, neither do you feel sad about the past.

Take every waking hour as it comes and do what you are supposed to do and complete what you’re supposed to complete. Stop overanalyzing or trying to predict and plan things too far. Know that ‘Impermanence’ is the mantra of life. Just live in the moment and do your best – dropping all the worries!

It’s important to remember that we’ve just 24 hours in a day, and it’s never possible to do everything in that limited time.

So, there’s literally no point in overthinking what we could have done, or how life could have been different – rather, rejoice what’s there in this moment and breathe 🙂

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple living is mindful living.

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