70+ Yoga Poses Names in Sanskrit and English

Sanskrit is being used by many of the yoga teachers during the class. Here is a list of the common yoga poses names in Sanskrit and their English translation.

Sanskrit is an Asian language which is the traditional language of ancient Indian culture. It is still used in Hindu religious ceremonies, Buddhist practices and Jain practices.

Yoga was originally a practice that was done in India but with the spread of Yoga Globally, Sanskrit is now being practiced around the world.

If you are new to yoga, then the basics of the poses and their names are useful to learn. Here is a list of the common poses and their Sanskrit and English names.

Here are a few key words that you will hear regularly:

  • Ardha = Half

  • pada = foot

  • hasta = hand

  • Supta = reclined/supine

  • utthita = extended

  • parivrtta = revolved/twisted

  • eka = one

Let’s see the yoga poses names in Sanskrit and their English translation:

1. Ardha chandrasana: Half moon pose 

2. Ardha uttanasana: Standing half forward bend pose

3. Eka pada rajakapotasana: One-legged king pidgeon pose

4. Garudasana: Eagle pose

5. Natarajasana: Lord of the dance pose

6. Padangusthasana: Big toe pose

7. Pada hastasana: Hands-to-feet pose

8. Parivrtta parsvakonasana: Revolved side angle pose

9. Parivrtta trikonasana: Revolved triangle pose

10. Parivrtta baddha trikonasana: Revolved bound triangle pose

11. Parivrtta utkatasana: Twisted chair

12. Parivrtta uttanasana: Revolved forward fold pose

13. Parsvottanasana: Intense side stretch pose

14. Prasarita Padottanasana: Wide-legged forward bend pose

15. Tadasana: Mountain pose

16. Utkatasana: Chair pose

17. Uttanasana: Standing forward bend pose

18. Utthita Hasta Padangustasana: Extended hand-to-big-toe pose

19. Utthita Parsvakonasana: Extended side angle pose

20. Trikonasana: Triangle pose

21. Virabhadrasana 1: Warrior i

22. Virabhadrasana 2: Warrior ii

23. Virabhadrasana 3: Warrior iii

24. Vrksasana: Tree pose


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25. Kurmasana: Tortoise pose

26. Adho mukha svanasana: Downward dog

27. Ananda balasana: Happy baby Pose

28. Baddha konasana: Bound angle pose

29. Bakasana: Crow pose

30. Baddha tittibhasana: Bound firefly pose

31. Balasana: Child’s pose

32. Malasana: Garland pose

33. Marichyasana: Sage twist ( Sage Marichi’s pose)

34. Marjaryasana: Cat pose

35. Janu sirsasana: Head-to-knee forward bend

36. Lolasana: Pendant pose

37. Paschimottanasana: Seated forward bend pose

38. Sasangasana: Rabbit pose

39. Upavistha konasana: Wide-angle seated forward bend pose

40. Urdhva prasarita eka padasana: Standing split pose

41. Bhujangasana: Cobra pose

42. Bitilasana: Cow pose

43. Dhanurasana: Bow pose

44. Matsyasana: Fish pose

45. Purvottanasana: Intense East Stretch

46. Salabhasana: Locust pose

47. Setu bandha sarvangasana: Bridge pose

48. Urdhva dhanurasana: Upward facing bow pose

49. Urdhva mukha svanasana: Upward-facing dog pose

50. Ustrasana: Camel pose

51. Ardha matsyendrasana: Half Lord of the fishes pose

52. Anjanyenasana: Lunge pose


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53. Ardha pincha mayurasana: Dolphin pose

54. Adho mukha vrkasana – Handstand pose

55. Chaturanga dandasana: Four-limbed staff pose

56. Mayurasana: Peacock pose

57. Phalakasana: Plank pose

58. Titttibasana: Firefly pose

59. Halasana: Plow pose

60. Karnapidasana: Ear pressure pose

61. Sarvangasana: Shoulder stand pose

62. Sirsasana: Headstand pose

63. Gomukhasana: Cow face pose

64. Hanumanasana: Monkey pose

65. Padmasana: Lotus pose

66. Sukhasana: Easy pose

67. Virasana: Hero pose

68. Makarasana: Crocodile pose

69. Rajakapotasana: King pigeon pose

70. Shavasana: Corpse pose (usually performed at the end of a yoga class)

71. Navasana: Boat pose

72. Vasisthasana: Side plank pose


If you have heard some other Sanskrit words in your yoga class, let us know in the comment section for their English name.



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