8 Golden Rules of Fitness To Achieve Your Health Goals

Whatever we do in life, there are rules for everything. The same is the case with fitness and you need to abide by these rules of fitness for getting the best results.

Rules are made for your improvement and help you to motivate and lead the right way in fitness as well. Here we have curated fitness rules that should be followed to achieve your health goals.

Golden rules of fitness are: 

1. Don’t Skip The Warm Up

Warming up is a great exercise for the body. Warm-ups are best to tune in muscles and save your joints and bones from injuries. Multiple benefits of warmup make it best before and after a workout.

It prepares you for the workout you are about to do. It also increases your blood flow and increases oxygen in the body. The warmup is essential to give a start to your workout and great fitness achievers pay lots of attention to it.

It prepares our body for workouts and all body parts become active for workouts. If you are lacking in it, you are missing an important part of your everyday workout.


2. Stay Hydrated

Your best workout friend is water. Whether you are sweating or your heart rate is up due to squats and deadlifts, staying hydrated is most needed.

Depending on the air temperature and intensity of the workout, if you ignore drinking water, you might feel dehydration or energy loss at the end of a workout.

So, it is good to drink water at different intervals to get some oxygen doses through the water. For some more instant energy boost can be taken.

During summer, we need lots of water to get hydrated and it gives us strength and stamina to pursue our fitness goals. For this, keep a water bottle with you every time during a workout and keep hydrating yourself to achieve a great level of relief during your workout time.


3. Get Fit in Cardio

Cardio is great when you feel dread sometimes. Cardio as the name indicates is best for your heart health and also works awesome for your bone density.

It is recommended to do 150 minutes of moderate workout every week or 75 minutes of HIIT workout for best results but it would be great if you add cardio 3 times a week for better heart health.

Cardio is better for toning the body and getting ready for an intense workout. Weightlifting gives pressure on our hearts and this is why it has become an important part of your workout plan to give strength to your heart. Don’t just get too attached to weight lifting and must mix cardio to get great overall fitness results.


4. Lift weights

Despite the myths, strength training won’t make you bulky and will help you to burn extra calories and also gain muscle mass. How can strength training boost your metabolism?

Lifting weights builds your muscles and rebuild strength as well. Muscles have a better fat-burning capacity and can burn 7-8 calories per as compared to 2-3 calories from fat.

Weight lifting helps you to strengthen bones too. Start with smaller workouts and achieve intense workouts for the best workout results.

Weight lifting can be done for different purposes like weight loss, building muscles, and being a fitness trainer. Generally, majority of the people have muscle building and it can take 2-3 years of regular workouts for building muscles.


5. Prioritise protein

When it comes to living a healthy life, nutrition is the key and you would be surprised that your bodybuilding is the 80% result of your diet and nutrition. Protein intake is very good for your overall health.

You must eat lots of protein after your workout for recovery. Protein is an essential element for your everyday health care. Diet plays an important part in changing your overall health. You don’t necessarily need to take those chemical-based proteins for faster fitness results.

You can add protein-rich diets such as egg whites, grams, meat, chicken, and dairy products for improving your health and can still make outstanding performance in your workout routine.

Start a routine of protein to meet your daily protein needs. Protein-rich diets also taste good and can be a game changer in your life.


6. Don’t forget the stretching post-workout

You might not believe it but it is true that after so much post-workout stretching is equally important as warm-ups. After you complete your workouts, your muscles are left short.

Post-workout stretching helps you reset your body. Stretching may not help you with soreness after a workout but it can give a full range of motion and it is recommended to do 20-30 minutes of stretching for getting the best results.


7. Track your progress

Tracking your exercises will help you get motivated for where you started and how the present progresses. You can track miles you run, weights you lift, and some other workouts with reps and sessions.

By tracking your daily and weekly progress, you can figure out how and when you can achieve your fitness goal. Check what progress you are making in your physical and mental health. It will help you to overcome your various health issues.


8. Take rest when needed

When you are looking for long-term fitness goals and enjoying your fitness regime, it is equally important to take breaks when needed.

During a workout, your muscle tissue breaks and can be rebuilt with proper breaks to maintain strength and stamina. To avoid injury during your fitness journey, it is important to take at least one day’s break in a week.

Don’t worry about the results as your body takes two weeks to dip the results. You might have a tight workout routine but you need to understand that our body has its limits for taking physical pressure.

If you don’t take sufficient rest between the workout days, it can negatively affect your fitness goals with some injuries, heart issues, and some unbearable pains. You can take 1-2 days rest between your workout. For example, take 1-day rest after every 2-3 days to give relief to your body.

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