9 Reasons Why Glamping Is More Fun Than Camping

Once you go glamping, you can’t go camping! This is a big and very bold statement to make, but you will understand why as you continue to read more about glamping.

If you love nature and would love to spend some time away from the city chaos, the first thought that may come is to try “camping.” However, you are missing a lot if you don’t know about glamping yet.

In this article, we will introduce you to glamping and the difference between glamping and camping, along with 9 reasons to go glamping.

Glamping Vs. Camping

Camping involves an overnight stay outdoors at a camping ground with basic amenities such as a small tent and sleeping bag. In comparison, glamping combines the luxury and glam experience in addition to the adventure of camping.

For camping, you may need to purchase or rent camping gear. On the other hand, with glamping, you will most likely be provided with various luxurious accommodations options, such as yurt, canvas, or dome glamping tents.

Now you know the basic difference between glamping and camping. Let’s dive into the 9 reasons to choose glamping over camping.

9 Reasons Glamping is Better Than Camping

Comfort, luxury, and facilities such as Wi-Fi, furniture, space, and various services provided by the glamping sites make it a lot more fun. You get to focus more on enjoying your vacation in the lap of nature than worrying about your safety and the weather. These 9 reasons will surely tempt you to try glamping at least once:

1. Comfort and luxury

We have already talked about how glamping is a lot more comfortable experience than camping. When you go glamping, you can expect to get a real bed along with bedding and not worry about sleeping in a sleeping bag or taking your bedding with you.

However, you can choose to take your favorite pillow or blanket with you if you want. Many glamping sites also offer tents and accommodations with a private bathroom, air conditioner, or heater. You also get electricity and charging points so that you can charge your devices and keep capturing more memories.


2. Beautiful and Instagramable Accommodations

Glamping tents are a lot more beautiful, big, spacious, and unique than camping tents. Usually, camping tents only offer enough space to sleep in. However, glamping tents can accommodate a seating area and a place to cook.

Yurt and domes, tree houses, and cabins are a few options. The stylish decor and Instagramable aesthetic of these glamping accommodations can beat everything when it comes to relaxing adventures.


3. Gourmet Food and Campfire Cooking

You get the option to do both. You can definitely enjoy campfire cooking if you want, just like traditional camping, or you can also try many gourmet options provided by the glamping sites.

So, when you are planning for glamping, it takes away stress of planning and cooking every meal. This gives you more time to spend relaxing and enjoying nature. If you enjoy cooking and want to plan some family campfire cooking time, then you can also do that.

Most sites allow you to take your own food to cook, but it’s best to check with the glamping sites when booking.


4. More Safety

When it comes to camping, safety can become a huge concern. The security offered by many camping sites might not be the best, but you can expect a lot more safe stays with glamping. Glamping sites are managed like hotels, and they work with security services and do regular assessments.

You also stay in more sturdy and secure accommodations that can keep you safe from wild animals and plants.

Despite all the security a glamping site offers, it’s also important to take some safety measures by yourself because you will be staying away from the city.


5. Unpredictable Weather Proof

When you are glamping, you can stay relaxed and rest peacefully, knowing that there will be no leak issue if it rains or you will not have to suffer the hot weather. Glamping sites are managed just like hotels, so you get a lot more sturdy place to stay in than if you were to set up a tent by yourself.

It can set you free to enjoy being in nature without worrying about what if it rains or what if it gets too hot or cold. However, it is important to prepare for the weather because you can also try outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, or trekking.


6. Access All Modern Amenities

Glamping sites are managed so you get to enjoy connectivity and Wi-Fi during your stay. Many glamping places organize on-site activities and fun games. Some sites also offer services such as a spa, yoga, and a swimming pool.

You can also try water sports or different guided outdoor activities and visit nearby attractions. It all makes it a lot more fun than going camping and managing everything all by yourself.


7. Family Friendly

Camping can be difficult for kids, but glamping is suitable for all age groups. You can also plan glamping as your next romantic getaway or family vacation. Most of the heavy stressful work of camping is already done for you, and you are also provided with different amenities and services, which makes it an ideal adventure for families.


8. You Get To Enjoy Nature and Serenity

Unlike a hotel staycation, you get to really be in nature and enjoy the peace and serenity of it all. Star gazing, campfire, rustling leaves, sounds of chirping birds in the morning, and crickets at night.

If you are going to a beach glamping site, then you will get to wake up and sleep with the sound of sea waves crashing on the shores.

Best of all is safe wildlife encounters, but it’s important to follow the guidelines provided by the glamping sites to ensure your safety and also keep the wildlife untouched in its natural habitat.


9. Unique Themed Glamping Experiences

For example, there’s the Mirror Hotel in Asheville and Aurora Domes in Finland, and there are many unique glamping experiences like these all around the world.

Luxurious traditional glamping in Jaisalmer, India, also offers a unique cultural experience. You can easily search and find so many different and unique glamping experiences near you no matter where you live.

After reading all this, you may think that glamping can be a costly adventure, but it’s not. It can range between affordable to extremely premium options.

There are so many options that, in reality, can cost even less than camping because you don’t need to invest in or rent camping gear.



Glamping can be very fun and very cost-effective, yet a lot more safe and luxurious than camping. You also get many services and amenities such as Wi-Fi, seating area, sturdy tents, domes, or cabins.

Pre-planned adventurous activities and ready gourmet food options. All these things make glamping a lot more fun and stress-free compared to camping.

You don’t even need to buy camping gear or tents, which makes it so much more affordable. So, next time you are planning your vacation, make sure to look up some glamping spots near you.

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