9 Signs You’ve Found The Love Of Your Life

Are you wondering what would be the signs when you’ve found the love of your life? Well, the right time will bring the right person.

It’s what we’re all looking for at heart, isn’t it? Your perfect match, your other self, your perfect person – your soulmate. That, in itself, is a wonderful feeling.

No matter how cynical we might think we are, we all long for a ‘happily-ever-after’ kind of relationship.

We would like to spend our lives next to a person with whom every day is the perfect day. One in which time stands still and the only thing that matters is both of you sharing a moment together.

The person might not be perfect, but their imperfections make the best pieces fitting the puzzles of our lives.

Yeah, you might be thinking that it’s not something that happens in real life, but it might be true that there’s one person who’s perfect for us, even if we don’t end up with them after all.

If you’re wondering how you’d know if this is the love of your life, then here are some (typical) signs that might help you to understand.

Signs You’ve Found The Love Of Your Life

1. You feel like you’ve been together forever.

I don’t really believe in ‘Love at first sight’ sort of things, but yeah, I do believe that there’s some sort of spark that you’d feel when you meet the correct person.

You could have known them for months, weeks, or even just days, but at some deep down subconscious level, you feel like you’ve known them all your life and beyond.

A surefire sign that you’ve finally found the person that you’re meant to be with.


2. Things appear easy when they’re around.

We all have our share of good and bad in life. But this one person would just make everything seem better for you.

Every time you’re near each other, there’s an energy in the air that’s almost visible and you know things would fall in place. It’s a definite sign that you’ve found your soulmate.


3. You can share your hopes and dreams with them.

When you’ve found the one, you want them to know everything you want out of life. You share with them even the most far fetched dreams you’ve ever had, because with them by your side, you actually feel like you might accomplish all of your goals.

Even your silly childhood dreams become a tangible possibility when you have someone to support you on your journey.

I remember when I took the decision to quit my regular ‘9-to-5’ job to travel and write for myself, my partner whole-heartedly supported me, and even at times, we took backpacking trips together – fulfilling our dreams of adventure.


4. They’ll encourage you to be your best self.

People always say that if someone truly loves you, they won’t try to change you, but it goes beyond that: while it’s true that love is all about accepting the other for who they are, that doesn’t mean you have to practice blind tolerance.

Here’s where communication becomes key: being comfortable enough to tell them what they can improve. It’s not about changing them, but rather encouraging them to become their best self.


5. You’ll support and help each other in reaching your goals.

There’s nothing less encouraging in a relationship than feeling you’re stuck with someone who’s holding you back.

True love is all about helping each other follow the life paths both have chosen. If you don’t see your relationship as a safe support system, then you have to reconsider if you’re in the right place.


6. You know that trust is the key to your relationship.

Needless to say, a healthy relationship must be based on trust, and having your own space and actually enjoying it depends on how much you trust each other.

Your partner should be comfortable with your decisions and choices of life. This doesn’t mean ‘blind faith’ per se, but valuable trust that whatever you choose to do is justified from your point and no matter what, the other person would stick by your side through thick and thin.


7. You’ll share a similar vision of the future.

Where you’ll live 10 years from now, whether you’ll get married and/or have kids, who will support the family, how often you’ll travel -all of these topics are things you’ll want to be aligned on for your relationship to work out for the long haul.

I believe that people evolve with time, their goals, and visions for their future sometimes change, which can cause some couples to grow apart.

But when you’re with that perfect person, you’ll be able to picture your day-to-day life in pretty similar terms.

There will be no question of compromising or adjusting because both of you will be on the same page in the book of life.


8. You’ll know each other’s love language.

I’ve known many of my friends (read: couples!) who have been together for quite some time yet they aren’t sure of their love languages, which often poses problems leading to misunderstandings.

To be honest, in today’s date, it’s extremely important to know your partner’s love language and acknowledge it in the best possible manner.

Know that love is the crux of the relationship and everything else – trust, respect, loyalty, etc – will eventually fall in place if love keeps blooming in new ways and gets stronger with each passing day.


9. They have the ability to brighten your day.

We all have bad days where we don’t want to know anything about anyone. But there’s always that person who can make everything better with just a text, or a phone call.

Their words would seem to be the best medicine for all your woes and that’s when you get to know if that person is the one when no matter what, their presence makes you feel better just like that.


Like I said earlier, none of us are perfect and we can never really ask for a ‘perfect’ partner – but the thing majorly is that you would likely want to be the most perfect version of yourself when you’re around your partner – that’s a good sign!

If you’ve looked through the list above and have spotted a number of signs that are true of your relationship, then “Congratulations!”

It looks like you have indeed found your soulmate and the best partner for life.

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