Affiliate Marketing For Beginners : A Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Digital Marketing has changed the face of promoting your brand or business for quite a few decades now – and has become the most preferred means of marketing by several industries and businesses.

Due to the increase in competition in the market, there has been a major influx in the number of business owners – almost all of whom indulge in digital marketing.

This has contributed to the increased need to employ people in the digital marketing department; it has also created better opportunities for people to gain revenue through marketing others’ businesses.

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Affiliate Marketing: An introduction

Affiliate marketing is a popular term amongst several employed people today, who have found work in its simplest form with good money as a promise.

In this field of work, you will get your revenue by promoting other people’s brands – if your means of advertising works, you will be paid handsomely.

Several businesses have reached out to individuals working in affiliate marketing, as it proves to be of great advantage for both parties.

For people who have no particular interest in occupation but wish to have a source income, affiliate marketing is the best option.

It does not abide the individual to indulge in keeping track of inventories, handle orders, or deal with the customers – but gives them the myriad of economic benefits that employees in other fields of work enjoy.

If this concept catches your interest, then here is a brief guide to understanding affiliate marketing better.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing

In simple words, an affiliate marketer can also be called the salesperson for the business.

Their job is to ensure that the product, or services, being availed by their respective business prospective are sold to potential customers.

By doing so, they will receive a commission for the sale that they have made from the business they are involved with.

However, the main difference between a salesman and an affiliate marketer is that a salesperson can – almost always – work for only one company.

On the other hand, an affiliate marketer can work for as many companies as they can handle.

For every sale made, the company will reward you. This system gives multiple opportunities to people who wish to earn money through easy ways and do not mind the inconsistent income source.

Through this digital marketing method, the online exposure of the business is increased with great potential – and it also results in the influx of revenue from many sources.

As an affiliated marketer can work for many companies, one company can hire multiple affiliated marketers – this ensures a mutual bond between the two parties, and the benefit also remains mutual.

Researchers have concluded that 84% of publishers and 81% of brands have benefited greatly from affiliated marketing through several studies.

It has increased the employment rate as a business has begun to invest in brand promotion’s affiliated marketing system.

The link between brands or retailers and the publishers or partners – who affiliate – is the affiliation network.

An affiliation network is a typical program to handle all the traffic and report all the engagements to the publisher or the partner.

Keeping track of the advert’s indulgence that affiliation marketer’s showcase will give them a better image of their revenue.

This network is entirely digital and acts as a reliable platform for consumers to interact with retailers, with affiliate marketers’ involvement.

There is no scale or limit for a publisher or partner when it comes to being with companies and indulging in affiliated marketing to promote their products or services for sale. It acts as a source of passive income for several people.


How does affiliate marketing work?


how affiliate marketing works


The main aspect responsible for publishers and partners to sell on behalf of the affiliated company, or retailers, is the affiliate network where the marketer will sell to the consumer. It will be tracked by a link that is sent and monitored by the merchant.

By keeping track of the link, the merchant will tell who is responsible for the sale that has been made. This link is home to a cookie, also known as affiliate cookie, which holds two very important features;

1. It is responsible for tracking the person who has made the sale for the merchant and getting them back to the main source

2. The link usually holds an expiration date that will allow the merchant to give a deadline to the publisher or partner to make a sale to enhance the sense of dutifulness. With this aspect, it will also ensure that the buyer has been made a sale to through the affiliated marketer – and even if the payment is delayed, the sale has been marked down

Adding to this, an affiliate cookie is not limited to a single product.

For example, if you have a link for an advert that shows children’s toys in a shopping app on a third-party platform, it is likely to be clicked by interested consumers. The idea behind adverts is that it mostly shows up for consumers interested in buying those products.

Further, imagine that a customer has opened the link – the cookie is now stored in their system and will record any sales made to track it down to the merchant’s responsible affiliated marketer.

If the customer does not buy anything, the cookie will expire within its given time. If the customer buys the product shown in the advert – it will be commissioned to the partner or publisher who linked it.

Adding to this, if the customer chooses to buy something else – like dresses for a child or such – then the cookie stored in that system will consider that sale as a part of the commission for the same publisher. This means that the affiliated marketer will gain money for items they were not originally sold for.

Because affiliated marketing is not a limited revenue source, it will allow the publisher or partner to earn commissions and money solely based on the cookie records. The merchant is there to keep track of what sales have been made and track which marketer is responsible.

There is a network that connects the merchant with the affiliated marketer. There is also transparency and the need to build a trustable bond to benefit mutually from a win-win framework. Especially for large-scale businesses, investing in affiliated marketers will prove to be highly profitable.

The above-explained affiliated marketing strategy is one of the most common methods – but there are a few more, which differ in style. As the name suggests, pay-per-click affiliated marketing will ensue commission with every customer click – although the pay will be given accordingly.

Pay-per-lead is an incentive where the publisher or partner will be given revenue depending on their ability to bring customers to the merchant’s website.

The usual is pay-per-sale – that of a salesperson – where the affiliated marketer will receive payment for sales that they make or time a consumer invests in the merchant’s business.

Why should you become an affiliated marketer?

There are many benefits of becoming an affiliated marketer, but here are some of the generalized ones which will encourage people to take up this bountiful opportunity;

No involvement with consumers: The only interaction you would need to have with the consumer is to guide the potential client to the advert – to click on the affiliate cookie’s link. After that, you will be free from worries that business owners or other investors hold to maintain customer loyalty and keep track of the payments.

Passive income: For most jobs, there is a requirement to be active while working to earn your commission. But, when it comes to affiliated marketing, you can earn your revenue even while sleeping.

If the cookie that has been linked to you is registered in the system of a consumer, you do not have to do any further work to get a commission for that sale.

Flexible: You can work anytime and work from home as well. There is the freedom of choice and mobility in whichever company you wish to work with – even multiple companies at once. Moreover, you act as a freelancing salesperson and have little to no restrictions for your job.

Payment for performance: Time-based jobs can become quite a tiresome ordeal. No matter how much, or how less, of work you do – the payment remains the same. But, with affiliated marketing, you will be gaining revenue depending on the amount of work you. This allows you to invest time in this job with independency.

Cost-effective: A business takes a lot of money for start-up and maintenance, for other jobs you may have to spend for travel and whatnot; but for affiliated marketing, you work from home and have no direct place to invest in – allowing you to enjoy your income all to yourself.


Tips to become a successful affiliate marketer

  • Only promote the products you are passionate about, because your audience trusts you.
  • The products you are promoting, solve your audience’s problems.
  • Your affiliate links should be clear and scattered throughout your website, text link in posts, buttons, image links, etc.
  • Don’t promote anything shady.
  • Be patient and don’t be panic because it takes some time to gain traction.


Where you can put your affiliate marketing links?

Whenever you join any affiliate program, they give you their conditions, so read them once before sharing them. Usually, you can promote your affiliate links in the following places;


What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for beginners?

“If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, create your content first before applying to an affiliate program”. – Larry Ludwig

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Click Bank
  4. Impact
  5. Awin
  6. ShareASale
  7. FlexOffers
  8. Sovrn //Commerce
  9. Skimlinks
  10. Rakuten Linkshare


The Final Words

Though several new introductions were made in digital marketing, humanity has extracted benefits from every marketing method possible. Advanced technology is still capable of revolutionizing marketing, which has been highly profitable and easy to indulge in affiliated marketing.

This brand or business promotion strategy has been proven beneficial for both the merchant and the publisher.
It has increased employment opportunities and given an influx of exposure to whichever business has chosen to invest in this marketing strategy.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works and how you can be successful with it!

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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