Best Self Care Activities For Coping with Life

Self-care, often, is considered to be an act of selfishness. Practicing self-care does not mean you are choosing yourself over your loved ones. Read more about some of the best self care activities.

On the contrary, when you are mindful of your own needs, you are better able to support the people you care about.

No matter whether it’s about taking a solo trip to satiate your soul or just heading off to the salon for a relaxing spa – you deserve every bit of it.

To be honest, in today’s date when we have to deal with so much in our daily lives, a self-care routine is a really very important part of a healthy lifestyle.

It can help you to beat stress, reduce anxiety, and lift your mood. It also helps you to become more peaceful and calm.

In this article, I will share some self-care ideas that can be a part of your routine. It’s better to have a variety of ideas to choose from so that your self-care routine does not become boring and predictable.


Best self care activities to choose:

1. Go for a run, take a walk or step out for a light jog.

As we are stuck indoors while the world is fighting with the pandemic situation, it’s important that you get your daily dose of freshness.

Make sure to give yourself at least half an hour everyday when you can step out for jogging or go for a brisk walk. If you wish to slog a bit more, you can also go for a run!


2. Breathe, meditate.

The starting point of mindful living is by concentrating on your breath. Although we are never really taught to focus enough on how we breathe, now is the time to become conscious while breathing.

Even if it is for five minutes a day, make sure to sit in a quiet place, let all your thoughts flow freely while you inhale – exhale and feel the goodness.


3. Never hesitate to take a break when you need it.

Most of the time, we try to push ourselves to do more, even when we feel exhausted. We feel that we are bound to manage all chores, which often causes fatigue and distress.

As you start caring for yourself, make it a point to take a break whenever you feel the need. Not only will that refresh you, but it’ll also boost your productivity.


4. Drink enough water.

Grab a glass of water while you’re reading this! I know that amidst the hustle and bustle of life, you often forget that it’s necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

Water helps to keep us hydrated and makes the body function properly. Put alarms at regular intervals on your phone, so that you always remember about drinking enough water.


5. Eat healthy food.


Eating healthy food will not only boost your physical health, but it’ll also impact your emotional wellbeing. Consume enough vegetables that would provide you with ample minerals.

Reduce the consumption of carbs and eat more proteins. A well-balanced diet will provide you with adequate energy and the nutrients that your body needs.

You can, of course, have a cheat meal once in a while – and order that burger you’re craving for!

Sometimes, it’s important to indulge a bit and that’s totally justified, as long as you aren’t consuming enough junk.


6. Listen to some good music.

One of the best ways to indulge in self-care is by listening to good music. It has been scientifically proven that listening to soothing music can help in reducing heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease Cortisol (stress hormone) levels and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.


7. Walk barefoot on the grass.

Being locked up in the urban jungles, we are forgetting how it feels like to connect with nature. Now, when you step out for a walk, head off to that park in your neighborhood and walk barefoot on the grass for 5 minutes. You’ll feel a sense of healing within yourself.


8. Read one positive quote every day.

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” — John Lennon.

Try to read at least one positive / motivational quote every day. Soon it’ll become your habit and you’ll feel that it’s leaving an impact on your daily activities and thoughts.

If you wish, you can also note them down in your diary and flip through the pages whenever you feel low.


9. Maintain a gratitude journal.


Journaling is a great habit to inculcate, and it’s surely an amazing way to indulge in self-care. While we all wait for some appreciation/ validation from the world, it’s extremely important that we appreciate ourselves for who we are.

Once you start writing a gratitude journal, you’ll learn to celebrate the simple joys of life and look at yourself differently.

You’d know that you’re special and unique in ways you never imagine and you’d start counting your blessings.


10. Spend less time on social media.

Digital detox is a must for all of us! As we spend more time scrolling through our social media feed and getting sneak peeks into others’ lives, we start comparing ourselves with them – which isn’t a good practice.

Watching everybody else’s milestones and achievements can lead to severe anxiety & depression.

Rather, it’s important to understand that you are making the best of yourself and probably, a little self-care would do wonders to you!


11. Make a ‘Not -To – Do’ list for yourself.

You have spent all your life making ‘To Do’ lists – now is the time to recreate the list and focus on what you shouldn’t do!

The moment you stop doing unnecessary chores, you’ll automatically have more time for yourself.


12. Cut out the toxic people from your life.

Our mindset is often influenced by the kind of people to mingle with. Being surrounded by people with a negative mindset will hinder your growth, drain your energy, spoil your mood and eventually, alter your life significantly.

Hence, once you walk on the path of self-care, make sure to choose your company wisely. Getting rid of the toxic people from life would make you feel lighter and happier in general.


13. Write postcards to your loved ones.

As millennials, we are obsessed with texting people over Whatsapp or occasionally, we write mails to express ourselves.

Trust me when I say this, going back to old-school habits and writing letters and postcards to your loved ones would be an amazing thing!

Sit down and gather your thoughts, pour them out on the paper and write about all your emotions telling the other person how you feel about him/her. 


14. Read old messages/letters/notes from loved ones.

Sometimes, we all need to go back and read old messages send by our loved ones. Rereading happy notes helps us to relive the good times.

Rereading sad letters makes us realize that we have come a long way from where we used to be. No matter what those messages hold, it’ll always be pleasurable to read old messages.


15. Stop overthinking.

Sometimes, we are more disturbed by overthinking about an incident, than the actual incident! Yeah, it happens to me as well – when I keep on thinking about things that might never happen, yet I have no control over those thoughts.

But slowly, I’m learning that it never does any good to me, and thus, it’s important for my well-being that I stop overthinking and focus on something more meaningful.

Once you start embracing the mantra of ‘self-care’, you’d realize that indulging in creativity can help you to control your thoughts.


16. Draw or paint. Be creative and let your emotions out.


To continue from the previous point, let me tell you that drawing/ painting is a great habit and it’ll not just boost your creativity but also reduce your stress and anxiety.

It enhances our ability to focus and accelerates our hand-eye coordination so that everyday tasks can become easier.


17. Grab some dark chocolate.

Oh yeah, you heard me right! Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health, as helps in secreting Dopamine (also known as the happiness hormone) in our body – and it is an unbeatable way of taking care of yourself! 


18. Take a solo trip.

Pack your bags once the pandemic is over and set out for a solo trip! As you travel alone, you’ll become more responsible & confident about yourself.

Your sense of judgement would get better. A solo trip can change your life for good and it’s one of the best ways to indulge in ‘self-care’.

Know that you’re enough to go out and explore the world – you don’t need anyone else to fulfil your travel dreams!


19. Take a power nap.

In between your work, (preferably around the afternoon) take a quick power nap for at least 20 minutes.

Not only will this be a good break for you as you relax and unwind, but it’ll also reduce your stress levels, and improve cognitive functioning, leading to better efficiency at work.


20. Do something nice, secretly.

In a world where everyone’s too self-centered, you can do something nice for someone else without boosting it.

This will also heal your soul, making you feel happy and content – thus, causing you benefits equivalent to taking care of yourself.

Little acts of love can mean much to someone. You can pay the bill for a random table’s meal at a restaurant and keep it a secret. Send a book to a friend who has been longing to read it for quite some time. 


21. Read a spiritual/ inspirational book.

As you reduce your screen time, you can utilize those hours by reading something engaging.

Pick up a book by the Buddha or the Dalai Lama, or read about the lives of great leaders who have made a mark in their lives.

Reading inspirational books will help in developing your thoughts, lift your mood, provide you with immense knowledge and lessons to look at life in better lights.


22. Learn the art of yoga.

The benefits of yoga are endless, and when you decide to take care of yourself, it’s essential that you start with syncing your mind, body, and soul.

The art of practicing yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines in order to achieve a peaceful mind and a healthy body. It also reduces stress and anxiety, thus keeping you relaxed.


23. Write down five good things about yourself.

Self-admiration is a way of appreciating the positive sides of oneself. If you are not aware of your good qualities, how do you think you can nurture them?

The more you admire yourself, the more confident you’d feel. Take a notebook and write about five good things about yourself that you absolutely admire.


24. Volunteer for a good cause.


Indulging in charitable work ignites a sense of empathy in us. When you choose to volunteer, you work for the well-being of others, without thinking about what you’d get back in return.

This act of giving without expecting anything is essentially good for the soul, as you know you’re making a meaningful difference to someone else’s life.


25. Go for a relaxing spa.

Manicures. Pedicures. Head massages. Thai spa. It’s okay to indulge in these self-care luxuries once in a while, as you sit back and relax.

Pick up a magazine, sip a cup of coffee, catch up with a friend at a salon. It’s gonna lift up your mood and tickle your happiness hormones.


26. Be selfish for once!

Do something just because you feel like doing it. You aren’t answerable to anyone for your actions.

So wear that dress, dance till your feet ache, have your favorite ice cream, binge-watch a series, switch off your phone, sleep – do whatever your heart calls for.


Being selfish for now will make you more open towards the world, later.

Getting back to where I had started, self-care isn’t an act of selfishness – but an act of being more aware about yourself, focusing on your well-being and nurturing your self-worth.

Once you start following these simple steps to take care of yourself, you ‘ll feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

If you have any ideas that are not included, drop a comment and we’ll add it to the post!

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