Best Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind & Relax Nervous System

We live in a stressful world. From our jobs, uncertainty regarding the future, and stressed relations to an ever-challenging work-life balance only creates more anxiety and stress in our lives.

To relieve that stress and anxiety, we resort to various measures. One such sure way of keeping stress at bay is yoga. Its therapeutic qualities help regulate your emotions and have a positive impact.

The world is increasingly fighting with dwindling mental well-being. And we all need that one source that can bring more calmness, stability, positive energy, relaxation and peace into our lives. And yoga is that source. An ancient Indian practice, yoga is an effective way of keeping your body fit while also positively impacting your mind and soul.

By practicing calming yoga and yoga for the nervous system, you can feel an instant difference in your life. Yes, there are particular yoga poses for mental health and asanas that you can practice to calm your mind and relax your nervous system. Not just that, yoga also improves your physical health.

Best yoga poses for a calm mind and relaxed nervous system

Our bodies are all about some chemicals and a lot of energy. When these two go out of control, they create imbalance, causing physical and mental turmoil. But yoga helps regulate these, bringing instant relief from stress and anxiety.

Some experts assert that practising even a few yoga poses daily can bring instant relief. Here are some poses that are great for stress relief.

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1. Child’s Pose – Balasana

The Child’s Pose or Balasana, by its formation, relaxes your back, neck and shoulders. These are usually the body parts that hold physical stress. As for emotional and mental stress, Balasana helps enhance breathing, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation.

How to do:

Sit on your knees with your toes touching each other. Walk your hands forward while exhaling slowly. Position your body in a low pose. Put your head in front. You can either keep your arms in front or on your hips. Hold the pose for 5 breaths and then return to your original position.


2. Tree Pose – Vrksasana

This pose helps you focus on one point, which is called Drishti Point in yogic terms. This helps calm your mind by taking the focus away from other, more disturbing elements. Since this pose requires you to balance your body weight on one leg, it increases concentration, balance, stamina and sharpness of mind.

How to do:

Start by standing on both feet. Then slowly raise one foot while balancing your body weight on the other. Make an arch with your raised foot and place it on your calf. Keep the pelvis centered and balanced. Once in this position, join your hands and stretch them upwards. Hold the pose for a few breaths and then repeat.


3. Legs Up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Viparita Karani asana is known to be highly effective in relaxing your body and mind as it works on your back and legs while redirecting negative energies away.

How to do:

To begin with the post, lie down flat on your back. Keep your buttocks touching the wall. Now lift your legs up keeping them touching the wall. Place your hands in a comfortable position and shut your eyes. Now breathe slowly while holding the pose for 10 minutes. Go back to your original position slowly to release the pose.


4. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

An inversion pose, the Setu Bandha is surely a beneficial yoga pose for the nervous system. It is both energizing and restorative at the same time, depending on how you do it. It can be therapeutic and revitalizing as well if it is supported by a block.

How to do:

You can start this pose by lying on the ground, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Arms should be close to your body with palms facing down. Slowly lift your tailbone, followed by your lower back and mid and upper spine. Balance the body while your feet remain pressed on the ground.


5. Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

One of the most effective yoga poses for mental health, the Crocodile Pose enables diaphragmatic breathing, resulting in a relaxed mind and body. It is also effective in helping insomnia and relaxation of the shoulders and spine.

How to do:

Lie down on the floor with your face down. Place your legs spread wide with the toes turned away. Keep your arms in front, elbows bent, and head resting on the forearms. Retain this pose and breathe gently. Long gentle breathing increases the effectiveness of the pose while nurturing your body.

Other effective ways to calm your mind

While yoga is one of the most effective ways to attain a calm mind and relaxed nervous system, there are certain other techniques that can do the job as well. In most anxious moments, the first urge as humans is to vent it out and the result of that could not always be favorable. So, here are some additional techniques to help you keep a calm and relaxed mind.

Close your eyes, breathe, and count to ten: Yes, shutting your eyes and slowly counting to ten can really work. If that doesn’t work, count a little further. This will help you concentrate on something else and instantly have a calming effect.

Listen to music: Music is really therapeutic and listening to soothing music during a stressful situation can help your nerves. Music therapy is something that is practiced across the world to relieve stress.

Chew a gum: Studies have proved that steady and repeated chewing regulates blood flow to the brain, helping it take the attention away from the stress factor and get more relaxed. It also helps you stay away from choosing other, more unhealthy options like smoking or binge eating.

The above-mentioned poses are meant to bring more relaxation to your body and help your mind attain peace. A peaceful and relaxed mind is a recipe for a more fulfilling and meaningful life that can help you succeed in all spheres.

Yoga has become one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise for mental and physical wellness and the reason is the multiple benefits it provides. Be it building strength and stamina or adding peace and mental well-being to your life, yoga is effective in providing both.

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