Couple Yoga Poses and Benefits of Yoga with Partner

Practicing several couple yoga poses has many visible benefits for your relationship. Couple Yoga strengthens your relations with your partner.

Yoga is practiced for ages to bring peace, meet your inner self, and connect with your body. It helps to relax your mind and increase your self-confidence.

Yoga has helped many people to meet themselves. It brings confidence, motivation, and focus to your body.

Practicing different yoga postures helps you to bring balance within your body. It has many physical and mental benefits people are getting since early times.

Traditionally, yoga is practiced alone. People preferred to practice their yoga sessions in peace, being all alone for better concentration and focus.

There are many yoga sessions which help people to feel themselves and connect through their body. Many people enjoy practicing yoga and love the confidence they acquire after years of practicing.

In recent times, people feel more encouraged and enthusiastic towards yoga while having a partner with them, known as Couple Yoga. Whether it be a friend, a family member, an acquaintance, or your soulmate.

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Practicing yoga postures together tends to build a new bond with them. Many people have stated that their relations have become stronger than before after doing yoga together.



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Here are some ways to tell you that practicing yoga with a partner can give you visible effects and spark and trust your bond, making it way too stronger.

Benefits of couple yoga:

1. Increases Relationship Satisfaction

It is very important for both individuals to feel satisfied in their relationship. This is the main and most important parameter for every successful and bonded relationship.

Spending quality time, learning new skills, going on adventures, or facing new challenges can bring thrill and enjoyment to your relationship.

So why not take the challenge to try out a couple of yoga postures together?

It has been reported that couples who practice yoga together are more likely to stay happy and satisfied with their bond.

Even joining yoga classes can help you build more enthusiasm and motivation within you and your yoga buddy.

Practicing intimate yoga postures with your partner helps to increase your relationship quality and affection. It also helps to collaborate well with each other increasing compatibility.


2. Improves Intimacy and Sex Life

Apart from compatibility, a strong bond needs good intimacy and sexual satisfaction in a relationship to make it long-lasting and stronger. Couple Yoga helps to improve your intimacy and sexual satisfaction with your partner.

Couple yoga is a form of indulging in the partner’s breath, postures, and movements.  Many relationships die because of a lack of communication and understanding. Couple Yoga helps to increase and improve that communication and connection.

When you try different poses, you listen to each other and try to fix yourself and the other person to get that pose together successfully. It also helps to bring your bodies in sync to work together.


3. Increases communication and trust

Many people have a common issue with their partners that they don’t have enough trust or don’t have good communication. Communication leads to understanding, followed by trust. Couples who suffer communication must practice few couple yoga sessions.

For a good and energetic couple yoga session, you must trust your partner completely to lean and leave your body to make that sync with your partner.

It would help if you relied on them to achieve different postures successfully. It helps to make meaningful conversations with each other decreasing communication barriers.

There is only 30% of verbal communication, and the rest of the 70% is non-verbal communication. How your body reacts in different situations shows your affection and appreciation to your partner is what matters more.

Couple Yoga helps you with that. Syncing your body together with alertness helps you to show your care, love, appreciation, and trust to your partner.


4. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Almost every individual feels stress or anxiety in their life. Whether it be related to work, family, carrier, or your relationship issues. Everyone feels stressed out at many times.

Yoga has been a stress buster from early times. Moreover, when you practice that yoga with your partner, you feel relaxed and calm.

Studies have shown, holding hands while practicing different yoga postures immediately reduces stress and anxiety. The married couple, when hold hands, tend to release stress instantly and feel more calmed and composed.

Psychologists also tell that just merely touching your partner helps you reduce your anxiety and fill peace within you.


5. Creates Balance and Good Moments

In a relationship, to work properly, each partner has to show their support to each other. Many of the times, it is very difficult to handle those mood swings and difficult unreasonable conditions.

You need your partner to understand their role of support they need to provide you in your difficult time and so you. Couple yoga helps define the role of support you want from your partner and what they need from you.

Trying different poses and postures for the first time, holding each other’s weight, and enjoying doing partner yoga can help you create good moments which will be saved in your good memories. It helps to create happiness in your relationship.

Couple Yoga Poses

Here are a couple of postures you can try out with your partner, strengthening your relationship bond.

1. Supported Chair

Stand facing each other and hold hands. Now bend your knees in a position to just trying to sit on a chair. Hold each other’s arms to stay up in the air.

Hold the pose for 5 to 10 breathes and come to the initial position slowly. Repeat the same five times.


2. Tree Pose

Stand facing each other. Balance your alternate legs by placing them up towards your inner thigh (partner on the right will balance on the left foot, and partner on the left will balance on the right foot).

Hold both your arms up in the air joint. Hold the pose for up to 10 breathes and come to the starting position slowly. Repeat the same five times.


3. Standing Forward Fold

Stand facing your backs to each other. Join your hips and stand straight. Lean forward and try to touch your toes as much as you can.

Hold the pose for 5 to 10 breathes and come back to the initial position slowly. Repeat the pose five times.


4. Seated Easy Forward Fold

One partner should be seated in a relaxed position with cross legs, and the other should be seated with the back against the first one.

As the first partner will fold forward, slowly stretch your body with constant contact with your partner’s back.

Stretch your hands and palms wide apart and hold the position up to 10 breaths. Come to the initial position and switch. Repeat the same pose for both the partners five times.


5. Wide Seated Forward Fold

Stay seated facing each other with legs opened wide apart. Join your soul of feet with your back straight. Hold each other’s hands. Communicate with each other, who will fold forward first.

Allow your partners’ palm to reach beside your elbow and start pulling forward slowly while the other is bending forward. Hold for 5 to 10 breathes and switch the position. Repeat the posture five times.


6. Alternate Breathing

Sit facing your backs to each other. Stay connected through your backs and start breathing alternatively.

When first inhales the oxygen, the second one exhales, and then when the first one exhales, the second one inhales.

This alternate breathing exercise helps you to communicate and connect with your partner and with his breath.

Your souls will meet when you stay focused on listening and trying to match your heartbeat with them.


7. Center pose

Stay seated in front of each other, looking into each other’s eyes. Put your hands on your partners’ knees and breathe slowly and intensely. It improves your eye contact focus and improves breathing also.


Wrap Up!

What could be better than doing yoga with your soulmate to strengthen your bond while staying fit?

Couple Yoga is a perfect practice you can perform with your partner and can stay healthy and refreshed whenever you go for it.

Yoga has been known to calm our minds, improve posture and body balance. Doing it with a partner only enhances its benefits without any side-effect.

Couple yoga is a good way to build your bond, show your affection, care, love, attention towards your partner.

It enhances your communication and understanding in your relationship. It also builds your trust in your partner and vice versa.

You can enhance your yoga sessions involving your partner. It is a great way to spend quality time helping to increase your bond.

It is a great way to increase intimacy with each other. If you feel that spark is lost in your relationship, you can try to couple yoga to your bond.

It will work as a medicine to treat your relationship issues and as an electric circuit to bring back that spark in your bond.


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