How to Be Happy With Yourself: 10 Tips for a Happy Life

Discover 10 great tips on how to be happy with yourself so that you can live a better life by getting the most out of it.

As much as you try to be anxious for nothing, finding out how to be happy with yourself can be a bit tough. From insecurities to financial problems, clinical depression, and general dissatisfaction, many things seem to be obstacles to happiness for many people.

It is true that life has its ups and downs, but it is also important to choose your own joy and well-being in spite of it. This article aims to explain what it truly means to be happy with yourself, and it gives you tips that you can use as a guide on your journey to finding happiness.

What Does It Mean to Be Happy With Yourself?

This simply means being satisfied or content with who you are, your current situation, and how far you’ve come in life.

The fact that you’re content doesn’t mean you don’t have problems or desire a better quality of life. It doesn’t mean being in a constant state of euphoria.

But it means you choose to take pride and joy in your present rather than obsess over what your future will look like.

The journey to getting fulfillment out of life begins with finding out how to be happy with yourself as a person.

10 tips to be happy with yourself and live a happier life right now:


1. Talk To God About Everything

Science has proven that people of faith tend to be happier because they often take their worries and burdens before God who is a higher power.

The Ultimate source of joy and happiness is God, and to be genuinely happy and fufilled in life, you must first develop your relationship with him.

The first point of contact with him would be honest and heartfelt prayer. Just coming to him as you are.

Communities like church groups also offer strong support systems, friendships, and a sense of belonging which are essentials for true happiness.

So if you seek to know how to be happy in life, you must know that it helps to build a habit of dependence or reliance on God through prayer. The joy of the Lord gives strength in hard times.


2. Practice Gratitude

One very important tip for finding happiness in your life right now is developing a habit of gratitude. What you focus on greatly affects your mindset.

So when you decide to focus on the blessings and small wins you have, you’re more likely to have a better mood and a brighter outlook on life than when you focus on hardships.

You can start by keeping a gratitude journal where you can write down the things you are grateful for each day. Seemingly little things like being alive, having food to eat, and a roof over your head are beautiful wins to take into account.


3. Surround Yourself With Optimism

The people you spend time with also play a role in shaping your mood and quality of life.

Try to limit your interaction with pessimistic people who don’t encourage your dreams, push you to be better and would rather limit your potential.

If you want to be happy, surround yourself with joyful people and an environment that you love.

Opt for one that helps you realize and utilize your potential, one that makes you feel welcome and at home. You’ll find out that you’re consciously seeing your outlook on life change for the better.


4. Take Up Physical Activities

Physical activities like exercise, sports, or hobbies like hiking have been found to increase dopamine levels (which is the hormone for happiness) in the body.

Additionally, there are a string of health benefits that are attached to such activities like; improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and so on.

So, take up exercise as one of the things that make you happy. You can start out simple with regular jogging around the block, before progressing to something more difficult like press-ups or sit-ups.


5. Practice Showing Kindness And Respect To Others

You have to treat others the way you’d like to be treated to become happy. It starts with making life a little bit easier for those around you and respecting their opinions.

Dishing out little compliments here and there, giving to the homeless, or buying a treat for the security person at your building, kindness doesn’t have to be extravagant to be kind.

You can only find true self-love in being able to love others.

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6. Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Paying attention to your body is an untapped gem in understanding how to be happy with yourself.

The ability of a nap and a good meal to change your bad mood is grossly underrated.

What people don’t know is that the state of your body, as well as that of your mind both, contribute to making you happy.

So eat healthy, get enough rest after working and take up meditation to make you more mindful of the present and its blessings. Rather than worry about the future or dwell in the past.


7. Make More Short-term Goals And Celebrate Your Wins

Most people make long-term goals and while these are great, they can sometimes make you anticipate the future so much that you lose out on the present.

So because you’ve not achieved a long-term goal, you tend to ignore the small milestones that you reached and become discouraged.

It always helps to set more short-term goals that add up to becoming the long-term goal you’ve set, or celebrate little wins along the way.

Set daily targets and reward yourself for meeting them. That is how to be happy with yourself right now.


8. Stop Spending All Day Indoors

Research has proven that sunlight has a lot of benefits over artificial light and that’s just the starter on why you should spend more time outdoors.

Exploring the world around you gives you a sense of fulfillment and even gratitude.
It doesn’t have to be a trip halfway across the world. You can walk to a park or take a stroll in the evenings, anything that helps you appreciate the world around you more.

Introvert or not, taking in the world God has created and its beauty is a sure way to find happiness in the little things.

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9. Be Kinder To Yourself

The fastest way to become dissatisfied and unhappy with your life is by criticizing yourself every chance you get.

Instead, cut yourself some slack and give yourself more compliments than anyone.
Stop punishing yourself for the things you haven’t accomplished, reward yourself for the ones you have by finding out what makes you happy and doing it.

10. Connect To Your Creative Side

Activities that invoke your creativity like painting, writing, cooking, knitting, sports, making music, and so on, get you into a mental state called “flow”.

It’s known as “being in the zone” and is described as being fully immersed in one activity.

The experience of doing it is so enjoyable that nothing else seems to matter.
The more often you get into this mental state, the better your outlook on life is and the happier you become.

Find out which creative activity you enjoy and adopt it as a hobby. It doesn’t just become something that keeps you busy, but improves your quality of life and makes you genuinely happy.



The major key to knowing how to be happy with yourself is feeling content with whatever stage you are in life, even in your pursuit of more. However, it takes a lot not to get overwhelmed by our challenges and give in to sadness.

To have truly unshakable peace and joy, you need God.

It starts from being confident in His love and desire for you to prosper and is completed by depending on and partnering with Him to bring it into reality. There’s no greater path to finding happiness and bliss than resting on the promises of God.

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