Meaningful Ways To Become Positive in Life

Get a few simple yet meaningful ways in which you can be happier & to become positive in life to get the ability to handle the tough situations & negativity

In today’s date, we are all busy aiming for more in life, which brings us stress and anxiety, leading to unhappiness and depression.

There are times when we fail to control our sadness, struggle to express our emotions, and sink in the negative vibes which make life difficult for us.

As we let the problems linger, our mental well-being suffers, affecting our work and relationships as well.

To be happy, it’s important to be positive in life, and being positive essentially means having hope and confidence in our ability to handle the tough situations, acknowledging that nothing is all negative forever and ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.


Meaningful ways to become positive in life are:

1. Focus on yourself.

One of the first steps towards happy and positive living is to focus on yourself. As humans, we are immensely curious species who are always intrigued by the lives of others.

I shall be honest that even I get moved at times and think about someone else’s life while scrolling through social media, but that mostly is temporary.

It’s important to understand that comparing our lives with that of others will only bring us a sense of insecurity, leading to anxiety and depression.

Understand the fact that everyone has their own ways of life, and the best you can do is to focus on your well-being, nurturing your self-growth, and indulging in doing things that make you happy.


2. Spend time with positive people.

The people we spend time with, make a deep impact in our lives. Research has proved that positive & negative vibes can be contagious.

You must have notices that if a person is happy and cheerful, he/she will spread it amongst others, and similarly, someone’s negative personality traits will bring down almost everyone in a room.

If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll smile more, have mindful conversations, and look at the brighter side of everything.

Spending time with positive people will also help to improve your self-esteem and motivate you for better things.


3. Collect memories, not materials.

When you accumulate a lot of tangible things, you put a lot of pressure on yourself – taking care of them, protecting them, making good use of them, so on and so forth.

We all know that material objects will lose their importance at some point, yet we keep buying more – without putting in much thought.

But if you wish to live happier, then start focusing on experiences rather than materials. Rather than buying the latest iPhone, take a solo trip and explore a new place.

Instead of buying expensive gifts for your kids, try to spend more time with them, reading stories & playing games.

For your next date, don’t take your partner out, rather prepare a meal together and enjoy it at home.

Doing these little things will generate a sense of self-satisfaction, making you feel happier and more positive.


4. Maintain a gratitude journal.

Research has proved that maintaining a gratitude journal and writing down the good things of life can help in improving your sense of well-being.

It’s important that we count our blessings on a daily basis and appreciate all the good things happening to us, on daily basis.

Amidst our busy routines, we often forget to enjoy the little things of life – but if you nurture the habit of writing & maintaining a gratitude journal, then it’ll be easier to keep note of every single incident that brings you joy, and on hard days, you can just flip through the pages and know that you have got the strength to over all adversities.


5. Give unconditionally.

Often, when we give something to others, we tend to think that they’d also return us the favor at some point in time.

But if that doesn’t happen, we start feeling betrayed, and eventually, it causes unhappiness. Thus, it’s important to give unconditionally, without expecting anything back in return – whether it’s love, care, money, or time – anything.

No matter whether you’re helping your friend by giving him/her some money in times of need, or helping your old neighbor to carry her bags from the supermarket – never have the expectation of getting any help in return.

Helping unconditionally is one of the most powerful and emotionally uplifting things, which will surely make you feel more positive and happy.


6. Express your feelings as much as you can.

In life, we all experience good and bad things, and sometimes, there are certain emotions that we hold inside ourselves, feeling that none will understand us.

With time, those feelings become burdensome, causing us pain and hardships. In life, we all need someone, whom we can trust and share our deepest emotions – someone who can understand what we are going through.

When you express your emotions freely, you’d feel lighter and relieved.


7. Practice meditation.

Try to meditate regularly, even if that is for 5 minutes a day. Gather your consciousness and focus on your breathing.

Appreciate the fact that you are healthy and alive. Understand that everything is ‘impermanent, and make your mind calm.

Research has proved that meditation helps us to nurture inner peace, improves our levels of concentration, and helps us to be less judgemental about everything.

In order to be happy, it is important that we learn from our past, stop worrying about our future and live our present to the fullest.


Choosing to be positive is a simple decision, but it’s not easy.

If you’re seeking peace and positivity in life, then get started and embrace these simple ways of life.

You might not be able to take up all of them together, but even one thing at a time can do wonders!


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