Only Love is Real By Dr. Brian Weiss | Book Review

Explore the timeless power of love in ‘Only Love is Real’ by Dr. Brian Weiss. Dive into a mesmerizing journey of soulmates and destiny in this captivating and heartwarming tale.

Dr. Brian Weiss is an American psychiatrist, therapist, and well-known author. He is especially very famous because of his contribution to the field of past-life regression therapy. He has written many interesting books on his extraordinary clinical experiences of past life regression therapy.

Among all the other books, “Only Love Is Real” stood out to many. This book is not just about love. It has the power to make shifts in anyone’s life. There’s not only the story of how two past life lovers interestingly came for therapy at the same time but are still unaware of each other’s presence, and Dr. Weiss doesn’t have a clue about this even after many past life regression sessions. It keeps you on your toes as a reader.


A Journey into Past Lives

Did it even occur to you before that psychology and spirituality can get so intertwined? Never to me! Even Dr. Weiss never thought about it, yet fate always has different plans for each of us.

Through this book, Dr. Weiss has given deep insights into the mysteries of human existence and the interconnectedness of our past lives with the present we are living in.

During the time of Dr. Weiss’s clinical practice and study, past life regression therapy was never a part of conventional therapy and psychology. It happened all of a sudden during a therapy session with Catherine when Dr. Weiss was using hypnosis to help her overcome certain issues by diving into her childhood memories, but she went even further. What happened after that therapy session is a history.


The Power of Regression Therapy

We are now aware that the book “Only Love Is Real” is based on real-life case studies. There are many events in the book that can make you question your existing beliefs.

Let’s take a look at some of them without giving away any spoilers!

1. Overcoming phobias and fears:

Past life regression therapy is not just about going back to one past life. We all have possibly lived several lives before and have been the person who experienced traumas and also have been the reason for someone’s traumas.

The brief story of Catherine in the book helps us understand that many of the things we fear that we can’t explain can be coming from past life. It doesn’t always mean that any fear, anxiety, or phobia will go away instantly after the regression therapy.

However, as we learn on the spiritual level that the trauma is because that thing has already happened, now you are aware of the reason, and it starts to get better as you learn to rationalize it.


2. Repeating cycles:

There’s also a case in the book that shows how we can get entangled in the cycles in our personal lives. Repeating patterns in this lifetime can be the result of the same or similar experiences in the past life.

If you can’t find love despite doing everything, you can’t feel the joy and spark and end up in the same patterns of relationship, that’s because your experience may have been turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy or maybe you haven’t been able to meet your real love or soul-mate for many different lifetimes. Elizabeth was experiencing the same, but we don’t know yet if she will be able to find the solution.


3. Meeting your loved ones in the past life:

In the book, we learn that Elizabeth recently lost her mother, and the grief was unmeasurable. Her mother was the only one she had she could ever turn to. During one of her past life sessions, she got to meet her mother. Something like that can’t really help the pain and grief go away completely, but it helps her find some peace.

Love in any form can bring so much healing and light. Knowing that we will be able to meet our loved ones even beyond this lifetime can provide a magical healing.


Critiques and Skepticism

The stories or cases of Dr. Weiss’s patients can also cause more harm than good for many readers. For example, if someone reads this book who is going through an existential crisis, it can make it worse for them.

This is not just a fictional book. It is based on real-life case studies. One can start dwelling much deeper into the spiritual sides of things.

Also, the emotional rollercoaster can get a lot for some, especially if you’ve lost someone recently. It can make you eager to try past-life regression therapy, and there are also several past-life regression meditations available online these days. There’s a huge possibility that many of these are not even made by a clinical psychologist and therapist or an expert.


The Risks of Self-Past Life Regression

If you are considering trying past life regression, then it’s important that you become aware of the risks. It should only be done under the guidance of qualified regression therapies in a professional setting.

Let’s take a look at the risks of past-life regression:

1. Psychological and Emotional Hazards

Unguided and unmonitored past life regression can make the existing psychological problems worse. In a professional clinical environment, the therapist helps you to process everything you witness during the regression. Without the proper guidance, it can get difficult to process, and the trauma can quickly go out of hand.

2. Creating False Narratives and Confusion

Attempting past life regression without expert guidance can also put you at the risk of creating narratives that never really happened. When you are in a deep hypnosis meditative state, you may even lose the ability to differentiate between your present reality and the things you see during the regression.

There are many different spiritual meditation options available that can help you achieve similar things as past life regression, such as astral projection, which can help you gain spiritual wisdom just like life past life regression. Or, NSDR meditation can help you achieve a similar relaxed state. There are also several guided meditations available out there to help overcome grief, fear, and anxiety.



The book “Only Love Is Real” is definitely a great book, and I’d recommend reading it, but definitely with caution. Pick up this book when you are ready to question your beliefs about life.

It is going to take you on a great journey, and the best part is that it is not a fiction. So, there’s a lot to learn and take in from the book, not just the story, even though it is a very interesting and important aspect of it.

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