Post-Pandemic Travel Trends: What Indian Travelers Have To Say

What will be the post-pandemic travel trends? Let’s hear it out from the Indian Travelers who have already started exploring in their own ways.

What started back in the beginning of 2020 is still continuing, and as the news of a third wave is in the air, we can surely say that Coronavirus has majorly changed the way we travel.

From hand sanitisers in hotel lobbies to cabin crew in masks, localised lockdowns to contact tracing apps, Covid-19 has transformed the world of travel.

However, people with an itchy-feet have found alternative ways to indulge in their wanderlust, ensuring that they travel safe and abide by all protocols & precautionary measures.

Back in October 2020, after being at home for 7 months, I took my first post-pandemic trip (dealing with all the pandemic anxieties) with three of my friends.

We stayed at a quaint Himalayan village in Nathuakhan, Uttarakhand, at The Doi Homestay. That’s when I realized the joy of slow travel.

We mostly used to work on the weekdays and went for short hikes on the weekends. It turned out to be a month’s retreat as we forgot all the Covid woes during that time.

Since then, I’ve been on the roads on and off, mostly for longer stays and slower journeys, indulging in workations and happily soaking in the vibes of the place.

And there are many more wanderers like me, who have chosen to step out of their comfort zones and embraced the world of adventures.

Here’s what travelers and bloggers have to say about the post-pandemic travel trends:

1. Tarun Rathi


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A post shared by Tarun (@travelmunchrepeat)

“I have been working from the mountains since November 2020, and I know of many other people who have traveled for a couple of months (or more) amidst the pandemic, and they would all agree to the fact that long travel is much better than hustling around a fixed itinerary.

Once you travel for longer, I think you’ll slowly get over the fascination of weekend trips! I strongly feel that in the  coming months, people will prefer to travel to one place and be there for a longer period instead of hopping more.” 


2. Rijuman Datta


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“I personally feel that people will be more keen to go on trips, which automatically ensures social distancing – as being away from the crowd is the call of the hour.

Nature retreats, wildlife safaris, Himalayan treks, etc will be preferred more in the months to come.”


3. Soumita Das


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A post shared by Soumita (@storiestotales)

“Travel will never be the same again, at least in the near future. However, keeping in mind these trying times, love for exploring local yet off-beat destinations will trend in comparison to international destinations.

Also, post-pandemic, from travelers to tourists, families to solo venturers, all alike have started appreciating the slow and unhurried travelling, hence opting for fulfilling experiences that allow them to connect, explore and unwind.

This will shift the focus from visiting as many places for the sake of just ticking off boxes from to mindful travelling.

Staycations in premium stays such as heritage homes, unique BnBs or homestays will also take precedence in the post-pandemic era as people would prefer longer stays in such accommodations where they do not have to necessarily share space with more people, therefore giving safety and hygiene a priority.”


4. Kadambari Bhatte

“Travelling has become a far cry, with the constant anxiety of Covid-19 cases around us! And most certainly travel is not going to be as smooth, carefree and worry less like the good old days!

Especially when travelling abroad is part of your plan it might become a never ending wait to go to our wish listed countries! In addition to getting visa approvals I think we will need to provide negative Covid tests adding extra costs to an already expensive flight ticket.

Plus showing our fully vaccinated certificate would be a compulsion. But that even depends on which countries are open to Indian tourists, and that probably would be achieved once we have stability in Covid-19 cases.

On the other hand, travelling within India is seen on the rise and this trend seems to be around for a while. Especially going on workcations would become a norm, to get away from home having work from home being a part of normal daily routine.

Good for the travel industry affected in India, exploring India is certainly be a boon to both the tourists and the service providers!” 


5. Divyangna

“Initially when the pandemic made us lock ourselves inside, I waited for things to get normal so that I can get back to office soon. Before Covid, I did WFH for 1-2 days usually but never really worked in that time!

Finally in October 2020, I took my Workation with a doubt in my mind, wondering how am I going to manage work. I’m so glad I did that, now I love Workation more than office probably.

I feel more happy while working from a calm place, meeting new folks and listening to amazing stories. 

And the best part is that slow travel makes me explore a place through the eyes of the locals. The villages we see in the mountains are now my exploration places.

Finding new streams everyday and playing with doggos is what I love the most while Working from Mountains.

And not just mountains, the Workation idea made me go to Goa as well even though I’m not a party person. And the Goa that I saw was beyond beaches and party places!

I guess this life of slow travel is keeping me happy and I have learned how to manage work life balance too. Surely, my Happiness Index has taken an upright curve and I’ll look forward to taking such vacations, even after my office resumes.”


6. Shuroma Sarna


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A post shared by Shuroma Sarna (@shuromasarna)

“I think travel will boom once more people get vaccinated, because people haven’t vacationed in a while but more travel also means one has to be more mindful because Covid is here to stay, at least for a while.

I don’t think there’s a particular form of travel that would become popular – all forms of travel – be it adventure, family, luxury – all would be sought after.”


7. Sushantka


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A post shared by Sushantika (@sushantika6)

“I think remote working will become a bigger trend and hence workations. I feel companies would be opting for a working model which supports a remote style of working. So the office can be anywhere you want it to be (with the right connectivity!) 

I also think travelers might opt for smaller groups, and offbeat destinations, in order to avoid crowds. 

Finally sustainable travel would become a bigger part of a responsible traveller’s life. It would come down to calculating how one’s trip affects the environment – from use of masks to travel gear which can reduce littering and waste while keeping the environment they travel to clean.”


8. Joydeep Ghosh


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A post shared by Joydeep Ghosh (@thewanderjoy)

“In my  opinion, post pandemic travel would mean slower travel. For people wanting to limit exposure to crowds, instances of transits would reduce and that would mean longer stays.

Also given the rise of flexible work and digital nomads, workations would increase, and in the process exploring hitherto lesser known places and experiences would  be preferred vs. the traditional “touristy” things.”


If you are also planning to hit roads sometime soon, then let us know in the comments below what would be your take on the latest travel trend.

And no matter where you choose to go, make sure to wear your mask, keep the sanitizer handy and maintain social distancing as much as possible.


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