Powerful Daily Routine According To Ayurveda

Discover the daily routine according to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine. Learn how to align your body and mind with nature for optimal health and wellness.

Promoting and maintaining health is Ayurveda’s top priority. Ayurvedic wisdom states that we can do this by synchronising our everyday activities with the cycles of nature and making use of time’s inherent rhythm.

Ayurvedic academics outlined in their writings what a good daily routine (dinacharya) is and why it is crucial for our wellbeing thousands of years ago. We hope that this blog will provide you with the encouragement you need to maintain an effortless, stress-free ayurvedic daily routine so that you can feel good all over. Ayurveda for joy, contentment, and wellness.

Benefits of Following a Daily Routine

  • By bringing your awareness to your natural surrounds, this Ayurvedic daily habit facilitates your connection to nature. In fact, by synchronising your body with the rhythm of nature, it makes sure that you live in peace.
  • Your body is better able to digest and absorb nutrients from meals when you maintain a schedule for your meal times and portion control.
  • It encourages living a healthy lifestyle because it boosts your defences against illness and your immunity.
  • Everyday Dinacharya practice will take away all your anxieties and stress. This ultimately makes you happy.
  • All the stress and tension from your body and mind is released by meditating and self-massaging with essential oils.
  • It guarantees longevity and encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can develop a calm state of mind by meditating and taking in the wonderful energy around you.
  • Additionally, it aids in upholding a level of self-discipline that is advantageous in many other areas of life.


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Morning Ayurveda Daily Routine

Wake Up Early

Establishing a good daily habit for your health and wellbeing by rising early is the first crucial step in an ayurvedic morning practise. The ideal time to awaken is between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning, or one hour before the sun rises. The most important thing is that you arise naturally in the Vata phase of the morning, before 6:00 a.m.

Utilize the Vata energy first thing in the morning. Before getting out of bed, say a prayer to draw good vibes to you as you get ready for the day.

Cleansing inside out

  • Wash your face thoroughly.
  • Make sure to properly brush your teeth and your tongue. It’s crucial to brush your teeth after eating. Oral health is vital in every scenario.
  • Pulling oil. In this case as well, the purpose of oil pulling is to remove ama, or waste materials, from your body that have accumulated overnight. For reviving the nervous system, coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils work wonders.
  • Drink water. One to two cups, or 100 to 200 ml, of warm water are advised by Ayurveda. If you’d like, Ayurveda advises adding some honey and/or lemon juice to warm water.
  • Clear your bladder and bowels. Your daily regimen should include having regular, healthy bowel motions.

Do Exercise

Exercise is regarded as one of the most important components of everyday living in Ayurveda and ayurvedic treatment. Our vital cell tissues and organs acquire more oxygen thanks to daily exercise, which also increases circulation and draws a pleasant energy. Determine if you should exercise in the morning or the evening according to your ayurveda daily schedule.

Things work out pretty well when they are thought of at the right time. You’ll live a healthy life regardless of the form of exercise you choose to practice, whether it’s tai chi, yoga, power yoga, or any other variation.

Oil Massage

You should get ready to treat yourself when you receive this heated oil massage. For 5 to 10 minutes, massage your head and body using high-quality ayurvedic oils, ideally one that corresponds to your dosha type.

Additionally helpful is a foot massage. We urge you to warm the oil before the massage, possibly in a bain-marie. While you have some alone time, enjoy it. Once the oil has been absorbed by your skin, take a warm shower or bath. Wipe off any extra oil with a paper towel before getting in the shower or bath.

Have Healthy Breakfast and be well-dressed

Ideally, breakfast should be consumed by 8:00 am or later, around 9:00 am. The digestive fire, or Agni is no longer extremely strong because we are currently in the Kapha phase, according to ayurvedic teachings. As a result, you should have a light breakfast. If you are not in need of food, you can completely skip it.
You should wear comfortable clothes that is suited for the season. Then, it’s time to start on any pressing duties. Your initial creative stage is best served by the remainder of the morning.

Afternoon and Evening Ayurveda Daily Routine

Lunch with relaxing afternoon

The best time to eat is between 12:00 and 1:00 PM, when the sun is at its brightest. Your digestive system is in top condition and ready for the main meal of the day. You should choose foods and drinks that are appropriate for the season and your dosha type. After eating, you can pause for a moment.

In the afternoon, carry on with your regular activities. Yoga asanas, pranayama, and transcendental meditation are common Ayurvedic exercises that will progressively lead you into a serene evening following this second creative phase.


Dinner should be served no later than 6:00 or 7:00 pm, per the natural rhythm. Again, this is a Kapha phase with a mild digestive fire. To save your digestive system from working too hard at night, dinner should be very light. Don’t eat too much at dinner because you might not be able to process it.

Take a short walk and call it an early night

You can take a 10- to 15-minute walk after dinner if you’d like. After that, take part in pleasurable, relaxing activities. You should retire for the evening at 10:00 p.m., which is the start of Pitta time. If you stay up past 10:00 pm, your mind and body start to get active again, making it difficult for you to go asleep. Sleep usually comes pretty late after that.

Wrapping Up

In Ayurveda, there are a number of very simple actions we can take to improve our health. Ancient wisdom holds that one can practise self-love by simply following a healthy ayurveda morning ritual.

If you apply these ayurveda suggestions to your life along with significant herbal products, they will help you maintain good health, enhance mental clarity, and foster the growth of your body and spirit!

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