Unlock Your Potential: Set Goals and Not Limits

Set goals and not limits. It’s very important to set goals when you aim for success. We all have unlimited potential which needs to be unlocked.

Setting Unrealistically High Objectives:

All the things that we should aim for should be realistic in nature. Setting realistic objectives should not bind you to set aims that are limiting in nature, it means setting time-based objectives and slowly increasing the pace as we improve. This way we aren’t demotivated and move ahead quickly.


Underestimating Completion Time:

When we set outer goals, we often tend to disregard the time required for the completion of the goals. When we have higher goals set for us, we must look at the overall time frame for the achievement of such goals.

It is always advisable to break down the goals to be achieved in a smaller time frame. This way we can track our process accordingly. The goals set should be time bound and this way we are positively motivated to complete it within the given time.

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Focusing On Too Few Areas:

It’s always important to focus on all areas of the goal which is set to accomplish. people focus solely on the end results; they forget to cover all the areas required to achieve such results. Focusing on all aspects of target setting and commitment is essential. Certain things require more attention than others.

For example, if a person sets a goal to be successful and financially independent, he needs to focus on the source of such income or financial independence, the skills he would require to make the target achievable, the time required to complete that particular target, the books, courses or training and coaching required etc, later forming a proper structure.


Not Appreciating Temporary Failure As Feedback:

One of the mistakes that we tend to make is that we forget to be thankful and learn from temporary failures. We need to focus on what went wrong or what the temporary defeat was mean to teach us, that would definitely show us the correct path and would prevent us from repeating the same mistakes again.

Feedbacks are therefore important and review at regular intervals can be really helpful. When working even if your boss provides feedback, rather than taking it personally why not learn from it and become better at setting goals which are achievable? The greater danger is just to keep repeating the same mistakes again and again. One should seek training when necessary.


Too Many Goals:

Another mistake that people tend to make is that they set too many goals. They aim to succeed goals all at the same time. Setting too many goals all the same time will not prove to be as effective, it can be emotionally unattractive to do that creating great confusion.

People are dilutional at times and they want to sound positive and say that all goals are achievable at the same time. The fact is that each target set takes the time required to succeed. One should set individual goals and then take steps to achieve it.


How Many Goals Do You Think Should Be Set At A Time?

One should set a particular goal in their career at a time and focus on making it achievable. While setting goals one should be careful to choose a particular goal, achieve it and then look forward to another target. People should Set goals and not limits.

Achieving one milestone at a time gives you the confidence to set another. Focusing on too many goals can also distract you. It is important to remember to set goals and no limits.


Setting Goals Beyond Your Influence:

We often only pay attention to a thing to achieve which we are influenced by. Try to keep an open mind and set targets that are beyond your influence and imagination this way you are most likely to achieve new heights in your life. You should not limit yourself to set targets.


Not Reviewing Progress:

Reviewing progress at regular intervals is very important. One should keep a tab on how much progress is he able to make and then modify his goals accordingly. One should not be very rigid while setting goals. Tracking the things completed and then modifying the goals according to your pace is essential.


Only Knowing What We Don’t Want:

Sometimes we are too focused on negative goals. We become or rather we attract what we think about focusing on a negative goal will only attract negative results. People usually only know what they don’t want, knowing want is equally important. The right balance is the key to goal setting.


Are goals limiting?

We often confuse goals with a person who is very ambitious, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious in life but goals should be set by everyone. Everyone in their life should have dreams and goals. Goals are basically roadmaps to success.

It’s very important to know that there are no limits when it comes to goals. Do not limit your goals and they can be as big as you want and setting limits to your goals will only deprive you of the things you are meant to achieve in life.

What is the golden rule for goal setting?

First, it’s important to collect the information required to achieve the set goal then creating a proper plan for the goal is followed which I further broken into small activities.

These activities are to be included in daily life by creating a to-do list, small everyday habits are created and then reviewing the things achieved would make it archivable. Training and skill development are some of the ways that help us pace quickly. There should be no limits to goal setting.

What are the 4 benefits of goal setting?

1) You have a very clear roadmap to a goal I.e., it gives you a clear direction.
2) When goals are set you prepare your subconscious mind to believe that it is achievable
3) As goals are measurable, it helps you measure the amount of success achieved and meant to be achieved.
4) positively affects your mindset to become successful. Helps you stay positive.

Once a thing or a target is accomplished it gives you the confidence to set new goals. The point here is that goal setting leads you on the way to achieving it. It could be anything that you desire in the world.


Often people say that one should set realistic goals which is true but there should not be a limitation on how big your goals can be. Your family, friends, relatives etc cannot decide what and how big your target is supposed to be.

You need to take charge of things and set goals that you truly desire for yourself by not setting any limits. The point is that we should be setting realistic goals but at the same time, you should have goals keeping in mind the long-term vision for your future.

You should break down your goals into small parts. When you set goals that are attainable you gain the confidence to dream big and not limit yourself. One should not be afraid to dream big and set goals and no limits.

Small targets should be set as per priorities on a daily basis. We can seek motivation from various sources such as our family, friends and also the ones who have already achieved such goals.

One of the things that people struggle with while going after their dreams is focusing and staying relevant. We should upgrade our skills by seeking training and coaching. To attain a particular target, we can indulge ourselves in regular training programs and courses that would help us upgrade.

We should have practice of writing our goals down. It makes a lot of difference and matters a lot in making our process smooth and easier.

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