What is Her Whereabouts in 2023?

Bridget Fonda’s weight gain has completely transformed her personality. There was a time when Bridget was famous for her beauty, and fans find it difficult to recognize her now. When she was in Hollywood, her life and lifestyle were glamorous. She had an accident after leaving Hollywood, which affected her life and health. Following this, Brenda experienced weight gain, and people criticized her for it.

Bridget Fonda is a beautiful American actress who was born on January 27, 1964, in Los Angeles. She is famous for her roles in the movies “The Godfather Part III” (1990), “Single White Female” (1992), and “Jackie Brown” (1997).

Acting runs in the Fonda family. Her grandfather, Henry Fonda, and father, Peter Fonda, were both renowned actors. Bridget started her acting career at the young age of 5 in the movie “Easy Rider” (1969).

In 2002, Bridget decided to quit acting, and after that, she gained a huge amount of weight. This was quite surprising for the public. Her bulky figure stunned her fans. If you’re interested in knowing how she gained weight, let’s find out.

Quick Info

Full Name Bridget Jane Fonda
Age 59 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Profession Former Actress
Years Active 1969–2003
Known for The Godfather Part III, Single White Female, Singles, Point of No Return, It Could Happen to You, and Jackie Brown
Nationality American
Date of Birth January 27, 1964
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Relationship Status Widowed
Spouse Danny Elfman (m. 2003)
Children 1
Father Peter Fonda
Mother Susan Brewer
Height 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)

Bridget Fonda’s Weight Gain After Accident Turned Her Life Around and People Criticized Her

People remember Bridget Fonda as Melanie Ralston in “Jackie Brown,” who was a surfer girl. She wore tight outfits and had blonde hair. She was widely recognized and had a devoted fan following.

But, after twelve years, many people failed to recognize her when they saw her. She had gained a significant amount of weight, with fat visible from her face to her feet.

It is evident that her life changed significantly after Hollywood. She appeared last time in 2009 at the premiere of the movie “Bastard.”

Bridget Fonda’s weight gain is also due to a road accident. After she left Hollywood, she was in a car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in February 2003. She was driving her Jaguar on a slippery road due to heavy rain.

Fortunately, Bridget was wearing her seat belt, which saved her life. However, she sustained minor cuts. She was taken to St John’s Health Centre in Santa Monica. The diagnosis revealed that she had suffered a fracture in two thoracic vertebrae.

This incident had a significant negative impact on Bridget’s health. Although she recovered, she had limited mobility, which led to weight gain. When people saw her with the added weight, they expressed criticism on Twitter.

Bridget Fonda weight gain

Someone pictured her, when Bridget was seen in Los Angeles in 2020, after twelve years. She was carrying various items in her hands, including keys, a water bottle, a cell phone, and a bag around her neck. Some people couldn’t believe she was the same Bridget, who was once known for her charisma and glamour.

See how her appearance changed in her before and after photos. This shocking image surprised some people and made others upset. People made all sorts of comments about her weight gain.

But Bridget did not share anything about her weight gain. Some say she might have gained around 135 to 250 pounds. The truth is that there is no difference between her and other women in the United States today.

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Where is Bridget Fonda Now?

Bridget is now focusing more on her domestic life. She got married to a famous singer and composer named Danny Elfman. He has written songs for various TV shows and movies. The couple has a 17-year-old son named Oliver Elfman.

Bridget keeps her personal life quite private, and her images are rare since she left acting. She spends most of her time bringing up her son and taking care of domestic tasks. She devotes her time to her husband and enjoys the company of her pet dog. Her 2020 photo also reflects her domestic life.

Bridget Fonda with her dog

Bridget and her husband decided to buy a ranch in Santa Barbara to stay away from the public eye. Initially, their intention was to use the ranch as a temporary house for about a month. Later, the couple decided to turn it into their primary home. Nowadays, Fonda and her family live in Los Angeles.

In 2020, Bridget Fonda and her husband listed two luxury mansions in Los Angeles for $14.6 million on the market. One mansion was sold for $8.8 million, while the other mansion was estimated at $5.8 million.

The family then moved into their ranch along with their son Oliver. Bridget and her husband, Elfman, had purchased these properties separately. Celebrities like Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, and Gwen Stefani live near them.

Bridget Fonda’s Husband Elfman is a Famous Musician

Bridget Fonda is living happily with her husband, Danny Robert Elfman. He has worked on 16 films with director Tim Burton for his music compositions.

Bridget Fonda Weight Gain

Some of his notable films include “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Alice in Wonderland.” He has also composed music for “Men in Black,” “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Batman,” “Spider-Man, and “Wednesday.”

Additionally, he was the lead singer of the pop group Oingo Boingo in the 1980s. Due to his melodious songs, he has received two Ammys, a Disney Legend Award, and a Grammy Award.

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