Is Joe Kenda Battling Cancer? Recent Health Update for 2023

People claim that the nose scars of Joe Kenda indicate skin cancer, which is not true. Scars can be due to aging or acne. Hence, Joe Kenda does not have any cancer.

Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter Detective

Joe Kenda, who plays the lead role on Homicide Hunter, is a former Colorado Springs Police Detective known for solving some of the city’s most mysterious murders.

Viewers of the show want to know how Joe is doing at present. So, let’s look at the facts in more depth.

Joe Kenda was born in the town of Herminie, Pennsylvania, on November 14, 1946. Joe began his work as a detective in 1973 when he joined the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Kenda became known as one of the best detectives on the squad because of how well he could solve crimes.

When the TV show “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda” started in 2011, Kenda’s fame went through the roof.

The show narrated the stories of Kenda’s most difficult cases. It gave fans a close look at his criminal investigative skills and personal life.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

Joe Kenda does not have cancer. His nose scars are not due to skin cancer. The Homicide Hunter star is healthy and enjoying life.

Some Reddit and Facebook users spread false news about Joe Kenda having cancer, and it unrolled like wildfire online. Joe has not addressed these rumors.

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Joe Kenda’s Nose Scars Are Signs of Cancer?

Some people think that Joe Kenda may have had skin cancer at some point because he has big scars on his nose.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

However, scars on the nose can result from various causes and are not always a sign of skin cancer. Nose scars can be the result of accidents, prior surgeries, or skin conditions like acne.

We should not assume he has skin cancer without a full dermatological examination and medical history review.

Did Kenda Leave the Homicide Hunter Show Due to Health?

After the ninth season, Joe Kenda announced that he would leave the show because it was “his idea.”

He said, “I literally ran out of bullets,” which was a creative way of saying that he was ready to move on from the part.

It proves that Joe Kenda’s decision to leave Homicide Hunter had nothing to do with his health and was a personal business choice.

No Public Statements About Cancer

Joe has never publicly said he has cancer or is getting treatment.

Homicide Hunter is so personal and candid about his life and career that he or the producers will mention his disease if he has one. But there haven’t been any comments like that.

Joe Kenda’s Health Update 2023

From what we can tell from Joe’s public outings and social media posts, he seems to live a healthy and active life.

He often talks about the show on Twitter and Instagram, where he looks fit and full of vigor.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

Joe also keeps appearing as a guest star, giving interviews, and attending fan events for Homicide Hunter. All the signs point to him being in good physical and mental health.

Does Joe Kenda Have a Daughter?

Dan has a son and a daughter. Dan is a retired United States Navy commander, and Kris used to be a former United States Air Force major.

His children appeared in an episode of Homicide Hunter airing on February 6, 2019, which is “Married to the Job,” and in the final of the series “The End” aired on January 29, 2020.

Does Kenda Wear a Wig?

Yes, Joe wears a wig now that his natural hair is gone. He prefers to be stylish for his fan-favorite show. But he wears a silver-colored wig so that it goes well with his age.

On a Facebook post, people shared lovely comments while discussing Joe’s transformation.

Joe Kenda Returns in TV Special 2023

Joe’s new show is “Homicide Hunter: The Man With No Face” premiered on Wednesday, March 8, on Investigation Discovery.

In the show, Joe solves a rape and cold murder case of a mother and young wife after 30 years.


Joe Kenda does not suffer from cancer. He never responded to cancer claims and still looks healthy, busy, and motivated after all these years. For now, Joe is having the best time of his life in his golden years as a TV star.


Does Joe Kenda have diabetes?

Joe Kenda hasn’t been diagnosed with diabetes, and there’s nothing to back that up.

Does Joe Kenda have Alzheimer’s?

Again, there is no proof that Joe has Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia.

How old is Joe Kenda?

Joe Kenda turned 76 on November 14, 2022. Even though he is old, he seems to be in good health and shape.

Is Joe Kenda still married?

Kenda has married Mary Kathleen Kathy Mohler, the girl he attended high school with, for over 55 years.

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