Is Rick Steves Battling Cancer? Get to Know His Story!

Rick Steves does not have cancer. People are speculating due to his screen absence. He is fit and enjoying his passion as a writer.

Many people adore travel author, host, and writer Rick Steves for making European travel affordable.

However, some rumors have circulated questioning Rick Steves’ health status. This article will explore the facts regarding whether or not Rick Steves has cancer.

Who is Rick Steves?

Rick Steves is an American travel writer and television host renowned for writing guidebooks for independent travel through European countries since the 70s.

His public television show, Rick Steves’ Europe, has been airing since 2000 and focuses on cultural and historical sights off the beaten path.

Through his work, Steves has helped countless Americans feel more comfortable traveling internationally on their own. His folksy and enthusiastic presentation style demystifies foreign destinations.

Steves is a liberal politician who is known for his strong support of bicycles, public transportation, and attempts to protect historic sites. He supported America’s current president, Joe Biden, in his presidential campaigns in 2020.

Does Rick Steves have cancer?

No! Rick Steves does not have cancer. He did take a brief break from the media, but it wasn’t because of cancer.

Rick disappeared from the media solely for personal reasons. He is a human and needs time for himself and his family.

Rick Continues Writing Guidebook Updates

Steves continues publishing new editions of his European travel guidebooks each year and filming new episodes of his public television show.

This ongoing work implies good health and the ability to travel extensively, which would be nearly impossible during cancer treatment.

Does Rick Steves Have Cancer

No Visible Effects of Changes Relating to Cancer

Watching Rick Steves’ television episodes or appearances over the past decade, he appears physically the same.

There is no noticeable weight loss, hair loss, or other potential side effects of cancer or its treatment. His energy and prolific work output have remained high.

Previously, we touched on the cancer stories of Chip Gaines and Darci Lynne.

The Final Note

Rick Steves is healthy and actively pursuing his career in travel media. There is no credible evidence that Rick Steves has been diagnosed with or treated for cancer.

He is still actively publishing guidebooks, producing TV shows, and promoting international cultural experiences.

Steves’ love for traveling and international culture has no signs of slowing down.


Who is Rick Steves married to now?

Rick married Anna Steves, and they parted ways in 2010. She is a social activist.

Did Rick Steves go to college?

Rick studied business administration and European history at the University of Washington.

Has Rick Steves said anything about his health publicly?

No, Rick Steves has not made any public comments acknowledging cancer or any other major health issues. He discusses travel, culture, and politics in media appearances but does not discuss private medical matters.

How old is Rick Steves?

Rick Steves is currently 68 years old. He began traveling internationally in his 20s and has now spent over 400 years exploring the world through independent tourism.

How did rumors start about Rick Steves’ cancer?

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