Is Lori Greiner Battling Cancer? Let’s Set the Record Straight.

On social networks, the question Does Lori Greiner have cancer? is making headlines. Rumors about Lori Greiner having cancer are false. This notion is untrue. The Shark Tank investor aka QVC queen is in great health and spirits.

Lori Greiner, one of the most well-known and prosperous ‘Shark Tank‘ investors, is a household name thanks to the revolutionary goods she has introduced to the market.

On the other hand, you may be wondering if Lori Greiner actually has cancer. To put it simply, no. Lets find out more in detail!

Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC

Lori Greiner has become well known as the “Queen of QVC” because of her phenomenal success selling things on QVC.

She has amassed a multibillion-dollar fortune because of the success of her unique homewares and storage solutions sold on QVC and HSN.

Shark Tank‘ is a popular ABC business reality show, and Lori joined the cast in 2012 as an investor.

Entrepreneurs present their business plans to a panel of investors (the “sharks”) on the show in the hopes of receiving funding.

Lori’s positive and encouraging attitude has made her a fan favorite. Despite her busy schedule as an investor, host, and entrepreneur, Lori Greiner has apparently never been diagnosed with cancer.

Does Lori Greiner Have Cancer?

There is no proof that Lori Greiner is battling cancer. Apparently, the cancer rumors surrounding Lori have no solid ground.

Lori’s cancer news is a hot topic among her fans and followers on social media. Since there is no validation of these speculations from Lori, she is healthy and fit.

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Why Questions About Lori Greiner and Cancer Arise

Some may wonder this, despite the fact that Lori Greiner does not have cancer. Some of the reasons people have concerning Lori Greiner and cancer are:

Lori has thinning hair

Fans have noticed that Lori’s hair has thinned out over the years. However, cancer treatments do not cause hair loss in women; it is a normal part of aging.

Rumors spread online

Like many celebrities, Lori has periodically been the subject of web gossip stating that she is suffering from serious illnesses like cancer. However, Lori or her representatives have not confirmed these rumors.

Speculation due to loss of a loved one

Lori’s sister Carla Norton died of ovarian cancer in 2016. Because of this, some people have incorrectly assumed that Lori Greiner is also sick with cancer. However, there is no proof to support this claim.

Weight fluctuation

Like many women, Lori’s weight has gone up and down over the years due to the ups and downs of everyday living.

Despite the lack of any supporting evidence, some people have mistakenly interpreted significant changes in body mass index as a possible indicator of cancer.

Does Lori Greiner Have Cancer

In conclusion, while it is fair that individuals may wonder if Lori Greiner has cancer, there is currently no proof to support such a claim.

There are no signs that Lori’s professional and personal lives are slowing down due to any health problems.

By this point, it would have been reasonable to anticipate a statement or declaration from Lori confirming her cancer diagnosis.

Is Lori Greiner Suffering From Any Known Health Conditions?

Lori Greiner has not been open about having cancer, although she has discussed her struggles with hypothyroidism.

Variations in energy levels, appetite, and mental state are signs of hypothyroidism, which results from an underactive thyroid gland.

Does Lori Greiner Have Cancer

Lori said in an interview that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism many years ago and has been taking medication regularly ever since.

Lori may suffer from hypothyroidism, but other than that, she doesn’t seem to have any severe health problems that would get in the way of her job and business endeavors.


How old is Lori Greiner?

Lori Greiner is 58 years old right now. On March 15, 1964, she entered the world.

Is Lori Greiner married?

Yes! Since their 1989 wedding, Dan Greiner has been Lori’s husband. They’re parents to two adorable little ones.

What products does Lori Greiner sell?

The Easy Spreader baking spatula, the Hoopla washing hamper, and the Store-It storage system are just a few of Lori Greiner’s best-selling creations.

What is Lori Greiner’s net worth?

Lori Greiner has a fortune of around $200 million. Thanks to her time on QVC and Shark Tank, she is now worth millions.


The internet claims that Lori Greiner has cancer, but there is no testimony to support the claim. Lori’s hypothyroidism, which she treats with medication, is the only known health concern she has discussed publicly.

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