2023 Photos: Annette Badland Before and After Weight Loss

Annette Badland’s weight loss has caught people’s attention. Her photos in 2023 reveal her slimmer looks than before. Let’s see how she lost weight.

Annette Badland is an English actress who is famous for her diverse performances on TV, in movies, and on the radio. Badland’s first role was as a medic in private life for the summer 1976 season.

She earned an Equity Card for this and found a place in professional theater. She gained fame by playing roles in the BBC’s crime drama series, Bergerac. Currently, she is playing the role of Mrs. Glenna Fitzgibbons in the series Outlander.

Annette Badland’s acting career has been successful. With her increasing age, she lost her weight in her 70s. This left her fans very surprised, and they want to know how she lost her weight.

Quick Info

Full Name Annette Badland
Age 73 years old
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Profession Actress
Years active 1970–present
Known for Doctor Who, Outlander, EastEnders
Sexuality Straight
Nationality English
Date of Birth August 26, 1950
Place of Birth Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK
Alma Mater East 15 Acting School (University of Essex)
Relationship Status Married
Spouse David Hatton (m. 1998)
Children No Child
Net Worth $17 Million

Annette Badland Weight Loss

Annette Badland (@annettebadland) shared a photo of herself on April 23, where her face and body looked quite slim. Some sources claim that Annette lost her weight through acupuncture. It is a traditional Chinese treatment.

Some people say she may have stopped acupuncture in 2023. However, Annette herself has not confirmed that she used acupuncture for weight loss. She is very private about her personal life and does not share much information.

She also made some lifestyle changes in her routine. She improved her diet, went for clean, healthy food, and started exercising. She understands that the key to health is hidden in daily diet intake and workouts.

Previously, we discussed the weight-loss journeys of Janet Montgomery and Eleanor Neale.

How did Annette lose weight through acupuncture?

In acupuncture’s procedure, fine needles are inserted into specific locations on the body. This procedure promotes healing and relaxation. It releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals.

Through this, blood pressure and heart rate can be improved. It is also effective for conditions like hypertension, muscle pain, or weight gain.

According to one source, she lost over 3 stones, i.e., around 42 pounds, through acupuncture. She did not make her age an excuse, and she lost weight with firm resolve.

Annette Badland Weight Loss

What is Annette’s age and her health status?

Annette Badland was born on August 26, 1950, in western Birmingham. As of 2023, she was 73 years old.

Annette is completely healthy; she doesn’t have any illnesses. She has a good diet and does regular workouts. Along with this, she also does yoga.

What is Annette Badland up to now?

Annette Badland is busy with her acting and personal life. Her latest role was in the BBC radio drama series The Archers in 2023. People liked her a lot in the bartender’s role in the Ted Lasso show.

She is working on her two upcoming comedy-drama movies, Portraits of a Dangerous Woman and Harvey Greenfield is Running Late. Apart from this, she spends time with her husband, David Hatton.

She participates in many charities as well. On August 16, 2023, in a video message on Twitter, she collected 870,000 pounds for Swim22 for DiabetesUK. Apart from this, she also participated in a walk in London in October 2023 for ovarian cancer.


Annette Wetland’s weight loss supports the claim that age is just a number. At any age, you can change your lifestyle and achieve your targets. Not only is she acting at 73 years of age, but she also allocates time for charity work and time with her husband. People like her very much for this reason.

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