The Incredible Weight Loss Transformation of Nikki Duval: Her Journey to Losing Weight

Nikki Duval, famous for Rosie Phillips from Workin’ Moms, is hot online because she lost nearly 25 pounds.

Fans noticed little doubt in her weight loss story compared to her old and new shots. Some think Nikki Duval appears thinner because of the camera angle, while others credit it to surgery.

Let’s explore Nikki Duval weight loss story.

Who Is Nikki Duval?

Nikki Duval

Nikki Duval is a Canadian actress. She grew up grew up close to the Assiniboine and Red Rivers in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She graduated with honors from the University of Winnipeg’s Bachelor of Arts in Acting program.

At the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she also took Contemporary and Shakespeare Intensive classes.

Then Nikki Duval went to Montreal to go to school at the National Theatre School of Canada. After college, she moved to Toronto to look for better job prospects.

After that, Nikki started getting parts in movies like Hyena Road, The Broken Hearts Gallery, and The Novice. She has performed in Murdoch Mysteries, Imposters, Tallboyz, and Wynonna Earp.

Although Nikki Duval has had many notable roles, her portrayal of Rosie Phillips in the hit comedy series Workin’ Moms has brought her the most fame.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss

Nikki Duval is currently somewhat popular on the internet, but not because of Workin’ Moms; rather, it is due to her recent weight loss.

Everyone asks if she’s lost weight. If you see it that way, she has. If you look at her most current photos, that’s the first thing you’ll notice about her: she’s lost a lot of weight.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Before and After Photos

All the stories and guesses about what was going on began with this. Before, Nikki Duval was overweight. Let’s not dismiss her feelings because we know how our society treats women or men who do not meet the beauty standards set by people.

The first rule concerns the body, which is neither fat nor big. If you want to be considered beautiful by other people, you must be thin. If you’re not skinny, you’re not pretty. It’s an opinion and it looks like Nikki has accepted it.

She didn’t think anyone would be kind to her because she wasn’t trim. Since she became more famous and in the news after playing Rosie Phillips on Workin’ Moms, it’s possible that she also got criticism for how she looked.

The actress has struggled with negative body image because of how others have treated her. As she said, she may have wished to be healthier and smaller, but this is quite unlikely. Yet, there are whispers that she has lost weight.

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How Many Pounds Has Nikki Duval Dropped?

Nikki Duval lost nearly 25 pounds (11 kg) in her transformation. She looks gorgeous and slim in her Instagram photos. Her looks have changed altogether. With her weight loss, her confidence also increased.

Nikki Duval’s Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Photos of Canadian superstar Nikki Duval’s weight loss journey speak for itself. Nikki Duval was once known for her large waist, impressive abdomen, and large face. She has recently shed weight and regained a slimmer waistline, slimmer face, and prominent collar bones.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss

Her healthy and fit body has become a global model for plus-sized women, thanks to her consistent diet throughout her journey.

Nikki Duval has shown us the natural way of weight loss and self-discovery. That’s why everyone loves and praises Nikki.

Fans of Workin’ Moms Thought Nikki Had Surgery

Workin’ Moms viewers observed a huge weight difference in her before and after photos. Some even thought that she had undergone plastic surgery.

She had lost weight, but it was slow, and no one noticed until they looked at old and new pictures side by side. Comparing her pictures, it was clear that she had lost weight. She looked a lot slimmer and healthier than she did before.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Before and After Photos

At first, Nikki Duval did not talk about how much weight she had lost. As a result, many people denied that she had slimmed down. They kept believing camera angles made her look skinny. They deemed it too optimistic to theorize about weight loss.


Nikki Duval’s weight loss journey inspires all the ladies out there struggling to lose weight. Nikki has lost incredible weight, and her photos reveal her slim physique.

She has finally broken her silence, so they no longer need to be concerned. And we can see the truth about how she changed.

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