Is Kellie Pickler Battling Cancer? What’s Behind Her Bald Look?

Kellie Pickler is not a cancer patient. She shaved her head with her friend, Summer. Summer was tested positive for breast cancer in June 2012.

Kellie Pickler, the American Idol alum, has long been beloved by country music fans around the world for her iconic style and hit songs.

Although she was eliminated early in the competition and finished in 6th place, her sparkling personality and twangy vocals made her a fan favorite on the show.

Kellie Pickler Four Months After Shaving Head

Her down-home charm resonated strongly with viewers. She got her big break when she competed on the fifth season of American Idol in 2006.

However, some recent photos of the singer appearing thinner than usual sparked concern among her fanbase that she may have been battling cancer. But what does the evidence show?

Does Kellie Pickler Have Cancer?

No, Kellie Pickler does not have cancer. While she did shave her head in 2012, it was not due to a cancer diagnosis of her own but that of a friend.

In June 2012, Pickler’s best friend, Summer Holt Miller, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After that, Summer Kellie and her late husband, Kyle Jacobs, shaved their heads. Kellie’s husband supported her bald look. People speculated that singer Kellie Pickler had cancer, so she shaved off her head.

Read about how Kyle’s husband died earlier in 2023 and how it affected Kellie; eventually, she gained weight.

Does Kellie Pickler Have Cancer

Kellie Pickler has a family history of cancer. Pickler’s grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002 and died the next day. But Kellie has no cancer.

Previously, we touched on the cancer stories of Joe Kenda and Lori Greiner.

Why Did Kellie Pickler Go Bald?

Due to her friend’s cancer, someone with past cancer experience suggested Summer Holt Miller shave her head. Otherwise, one feels heartbroken after seeing hair on a pillow every morning.

Kellie was her only friend, and she could not watch her go through this all alone. They decided to shave their heads together. Kelly had gone bald to support her dear friend in difficult times.

Kellie’s Appearance on The Ellen Show

After three months of shaving her head, Kellie appeared on The Ellen Show. Kellie talked about how Summer Holt Miller reminded her of her deceased grandmother, who also had cancer.

Her grandmother was like a mother to Kellie. She cared for Summer Miller. She did not want her to feel alone. So they both decided to shave their heads together on camera.

Kellie said it’s important to have a “Cancer buddy.” She even shaved her head first to comfort her friend.

Kellie mentioned the act as one of the “most beautiful moments” of her life. Kellie also said that Summer Holt is like a big sister to her.

On Good Morning America, Kellie Sang a Song for Summer to Advocate Breast Cancer

Both were invited to The Good Morning Show. Kellie sang a song known as “Someone Somewhere.” She raised awareness with this song, and the trend “GMA Goes Pink” went viral at the time.

Summer Beats Cancer in a Year

The early cancer diagnosis helped Summer go cancer-free in a year. Summer was declared free of cancer in August next year. Most women’s first mammogram comes when they reach 40 years old.

Kellie said Summer handled cancer with “grace and class.” She did not lose focus and did great.

When Queen Latifah asked Kellie how she felt about shaving heads, she answered that it was liberating and felt great to break stereotypes.

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