Transformation: Her Before and After Photos

Joyce Meyer plastic surgery involves facelift, botox, and more. Her eyebrow wrinkles have gone giving her a fresh, younger look.

Joyce Meyer is a popular Christian speaker and writer from the United States. She founded Joyce Meyer Ministries in 1987 and now serves as its president.

She was born Pauline Joyce Hutchison in June 1943. She has written over a hundred books and has a global audience for her TV show, Enjoying Everyday Life. Meyer’s looks have been scrutinized as her celebrity and fortune have grown.

Some have speculated that Botox, facelifts, and fillers were responsible for the 80-year-old’s flawless complexion and young appearance. Dig into the claims that Joyce Meyer has had plastic surgery.

Has Joyce Meyer Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Joyce Meyer (@joycemeyer) has made no secret that she has altered her appearance with plastic surgery. During an interview, she said she’d undergone a facelift, eye lifts, and botox injections.

Meyer says the operations have made her feel better and more confident, although they have been criticized. Meyer thinks everyone should follow their happiness and be truthful about it.

She promotes openness and honesty above concealment, hoping to lessen the social stigma associated with cosmetic procedures.

Take a look at some of the Joyce Meyer cosmetic surgeries below.


Joyce Meyer gets Botox injections regularly because she has a smooth forehead and no signs of frowning.

Her lack of wrinkles and fine lines is a dead giveaway that she’s had Botox. Joyce Meyer utilizes Botox to keep her youthful appearance intact.


Her face has been tightened and sculpted since her old pictures were taken. Her jowls and jawline have been retracted by a facelift, giving her a fresher look.

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Joyce Meyer’s puffy cheeks and full lips show she has had injectable dermal fillers. Her plumped contours are evidence that she frequently gets anti-aging fillers.


Joyce Meyer has undergone a neck lift, as seen by the smooth, taut skin around her jawline.

After aesthetic procedures, she no longer has a sagging neck or jowls, thanks to the tightening and lifting of the muscles and tissue there. A necklace makes Joyce Meyer’s lower face and jawline more prominent.

Examining the Before and After Photos

joyce meyer plastic surgery

Joyce Meyer plastic surgery before and after comparisons over the years are sometimes cited as evidence that the pastor has undergone plastic surgery.

Although Meyer has maintained a consistent appearance throughout her career, some have noticed that her face has become noticeably smoother and tauter in recent years. In recent pictures, she also seems to have a slight brow lift.


What procedures has Joyce Meyer done?

Joyce Meyer has done a couple of procedures, including facelifts, botox injections, and neck lifts.

How old is Joyce Meyer?

The age of Joyce Meyer is 80. She turned 80 recently on June 4 this year.

How many children does Joyce Meyer have?

Joyce Meyer has two daughters, Laura, Sandra, and two sons, Daniel and David Meyer.

What are some of Joyce Meyer’s most well-known books?

Famous works by Joyce Meyer include:

  • The Confident Woman
  • Battlefield of the Mind
  • Root of Rejection
  • Managing your emotions
  • Power Thoughts

Is Joyce Meyer still married?

Joyce and Dave Meyer have been married since 1967. They’ve been together for 55 years.

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