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Eleanor Neale’s weight loss from 85 kg to 60kg is unbelievable. People think her sudden weight drop is due to weight-loss surgery.

The British YouTuber Eleanor Neale’s astonishing transformation has stunned her viewers. People remember her being overweight and doing various makeup tutorials for her audience.

When people noticed her slim physique in her new videos, they immediately speculated that she had surgery. Let’s clear the air and find out how she achieved it.

Quick Info

Full Name Eleanor “Ellie” Neale
Age 24 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Profession British YouTube star known for her beauty content, true crime videos, and Get Ready with Me vlogs
Years active Started her YouTube channel in March 2016
Known for Gaining popularity for her beauty-related content, true crime videos, and engaging vlogs
Nationality British
Date of Birth January 24, 1999
Place of Birth England
Net Worth Estimated to be around $2.8 million

Who is Eleanor Neale?

Eleanor Neale is a 24-year-old English YouTuber who makes videos around cosmetics, real crime stories, and mystery. Some of the crime cases have been solved, and others need further investigation.


She has over 2.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Recently, she has been the talk of town, not because of some unsolved mystery but due to her impressive transformation.

People are confused if she underwent weight loss surgery to get the ideal weight in such a short time.

Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Transformation

Eleanor Neale lost 25 kg. She went down from 85 to 60 kg. Her new viewers might not recognize her from previous videos. Her old subscribers remember her bulky physique and sharing makeup hacks.

Neale continued her work with passion, even though the fashion industry is associated with slim and smart makeup artists. She embraced her body and focused on her tutorials only.

Recently, she decided to take her cosmetic journey to another level by weighing down and achieving an ideal weight. However, Neale has not shared details about her weight loss. Talking about her privacy, she said:

“Okay, let’s talk about my weight loss. That’s something I don’t talk about online because I am so scared of accidentally triggering people with anything I say.”

We can understand why she is hiding her process and fears not to disappoint anyone, as it is considered a sensitive topic.

Neale acknowledges her weight loss in the same video, saying:

“If you watch one of my old videos and one of my new videos, you can tell I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’m healthy, I’m happy, and I’m living life. I always have lived life to be fair, but I’m just healthier and happier now.”

In the same video, she did share some of the things like ‘loose skin’ struggles after weight loss. She said,

“With major weight loss like mine, you are left with a lot of loose skin that I never used to be self-conscious of. This is something that is like limiting my quality of life.”

She really wanted to get rid of loose skin after losing her teeth. She said, “I think I would just be a bit happier if I didn’t have bingo wings.”

Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Surgery

Some of her fans thought that she had surgery to lose weight. It’s understandable because losing 25 kg in a short time is difficult. But Neale has not revealed much about her weight loss, especially her journey.

We don’t know if Neale had surgery, but we do know that surgery is not a permanent solution. One needs to alter their lifestyle, diet, and regular workouts to retain a slim body.

Despite her loose skin, Neale shared in the video that she might go for surgical procedures. She said,

There’s a couple of surgeries that I might potentially get because I have a lot of loose skin, like, a lot.

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How did Eleanor Neale lose weight?

We don’t know the process by which she lost weight. But we know that she lost weight in a healthy way. Her weight loss does not include anything unfit. Talking about her journey, she said:

“I know that I am healthy, and I’ve done everything healthy.”

How does Neale feel about losing weight?

Neale is really happy and feeling proud after losing all her extra pounds. She said,

“I’m suddenly the happiest, most confident person I’ve ever been.”

She is living a fit life and actively participating in daily activities. People are loving her new look, and she is enjoying it.

Why is Eleanor Neale so famous?

Eleanor Neale started as a makeup artist on YouTube in March 2016. She inspired people with her cool make-up tips and tricks. In 2017, she uploaded her first video about a makeup palette similar to Tyler, The Creator.

She gained immense popularity after her video, in which she traded bags with a 12-year-old. She also started a separate channel for vlogs (Ellie Neale).

She started her vlog channel on September 3, 2021. Her first vlog was titled “I escaped London to live my best life”.

Her main channel has over 1.6 million subscribers. After some time, she changed her genre from beauty to true crime stories.

Now her main channel is focused on crime thriller events. She discusses them after researching thoroughly and citing all references from the news.

In 2023, people will know her more due to crime case stories than makeup tutorials. In fact, her Instagram bio reads “true crime mommy” and her Twitter bio reads “true crime lady on YouTube.”

She also has huge social media followers. She has 305k followers on Instagram and 178.6k followers on Twitter.

What happened to Eleanor Neale?

Eleanor took a 2-month break in June–August 2022 from YouTube and vanished completely. People started noticing and worrying about her absence.

In a video, she explained why she took a gap. Some of the reasons were that she had a breakup and faced mental health problems.

She was skeptical about why she started YouTube, as she was a dropout and wanted to become a psychologist.

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