The Weight Loss Journey of Sally Obermeder Following Her Recovery from Breast Cancer

Sally Obermeder is a renowned name in Australian media. She inspires people to pursue personal growth. She was inspired to regain control of her health after experiencing setbacks and gaining weight.

Sally lost almost 22 kilograms (48.5 pounds) and kept it off with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Quick Info

Full Name Sally Obermeder
Age 50
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession Media personality and TV presenter
Years active 2003–present
Known for The Daily Edition
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth August 17, 1973
Place of Birth Paddington, New South Wales, Australia
Relationship Status Married to Marcus Obermeder since 2001
Spouse Marcus Obermeder
Children 2
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Net Worth $4 million

About Sally Obermeder

Sally(@sallyobermeder) is a former TV host for the Seven Network. She is a TV and radio show host, entrepreneur, and author of best-selling books.

She gained weight in her twenties due to financial stress and a lackluster career. Sally was 41 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.

The diagnosis came during her pregnancy. Sally has two cute daughters, Annabelle (10 years old) and Elissa (5 years old).

Sally decided to take better care of herself to provide an excellent example for her kids.

Sally Obermeder Weight Loss: How She Shed 22 kg?

Sally Obermeder lost 22 kg in 2014. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2011, which caused her to gain some weight.

She learned about her breast cancer just one day before she gave birth to her first daughter, Annabelle. After ten days, she started her chemotherapy sessions.

After Sally’s cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, her health deteriorated. To deal with cancer, she ate, resulting in a 26 kg weight gain.

Sally’s commitment to losing weight started in 2013. She prioritized the development of permanent wellness routines over temporary solutions.

Sally worked on her nutrition and practiced mindful eating. She took green veg smoothies to shed pounds. Enjoyable daily walks in the fresh air helped make getting moving a top priority.

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Simple Lifestyle Changes

Sally didn’t go on any extreme diets. Her strategy involved feeding her body healthy meals and doing more exercise.

She often began her mornings with a green smoothie loaded with healthy vegetables. Sally did 30-minute walks twice a day and slowly worked up to an hour.

Sally Shed 22 Kgs and Slays in Instagram Photos

Sally lost an incredible 36 kilograms in just one year. She changed her lifestyle, ate a healthy diet, and continued her routine.

Fans started noticing her slim body in her social media photos.

Sally’s Contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness

Sally loves to promote awareness about breast cancer. She created the SWISH brand in collaboration with Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) to help women fight breast cancer.

She frequently talks about her cancer diagnosis and how she coped with stage 3 breast cancer.

How is Sally’s Health in 2023?

Sally’s commitment to health hasn’t changed over the past ten years since she first started dieting in 2013.

Even at 50 years old, she looks fit and fabulous. Sally promotes self-worth and self-assurance over weight loss on social media.

She advocates wisdom and encouragement in her posts. Sally is open about health and self-acceptance.

Sally’s Self-Care Habits

Sally takes the time each day to practice self-care rituals, including bathing, face masks, and Gua Sha massage, in addition to her regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

The benefits to the body and mind from these simple practices are considerable.

Treating ourselves well

Sally emphasizes that one’s weight and physical beauty are not determinants of happiness.

She encourages us to love ourselves no matter our age by sharing her personal story of learning to accept and love her body as it changes over time.


Why did Sally suddenly start losing weight?

Sally’s weight increased after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. She went through chemotherapy and eventually found the motivation to restore her health.

How many pounds did Sally lose?

Sally shed an astonishing 48.5 pounds (22kgs) in just one year through a healthy diet a green smoothie and walking routine.

How does Sally approach health and wellness?

Sally advocates a healthy diet, regular exercise, self-care, and kindness toward oneself. The weight on a scale does not compare to how you feel emotionally and mentally.

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