Janet Montgomery’s Weight Loss Journey: Revealing Her Secret Strategy

Janet Montgomery worked her way with persistence and perseverance toward weight loss. She maintained a balance between diet and workout. Fans look up to her real-life weight loss inspiration.

Janet Montgomery, a British actress born on October 39, 1985, has been acting since 2008. But it was in 2010 when she gained fame through the TV series Human Target. In 2018, she took on the role of Lauren Bloom in the medical drama New Amsterdam.

People are asking questions about Janet Montgomery’s weight loss. Let’s find out the truth about the diet she followed and the workouts she did to get into shape.

Quick Info

Full Name Janet Ruth Montgomery
Age 38 years old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Profession Actress
Years active 2008–present
Known for Black Swan, Salem, New Amsterdam
Sexuality Straight
Nationality British
Date of Birth October 29, 1985
Place of Birth Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Joe Fox (m. 2019)
Children 1
Height 5′ 6″ (168 cm)
Weight 58 kg (127 lbs)
Net Worth $5 Million

Has Janet Montgomery really lost weight?

Janet Montgomery before and after weight loss

Janet Montgomery has undoubtedly managed to lose weight, and people admire her beauty and acting skills. In March 2021, the third season of New Amsterdam was released. Fans noticed her physical transformation.

Fans love Janet for her role as Dr. Bloom from New Amsterdam. One of her fan praised her on Reddit saying, “Iggy and Bloom are two of my favorite side characters :D”

This time, she appeared quite slim and smart compared to previous seasons. Her fans became curious about her weight-loss journey. The reality is that she was concerned about her weight and health.

Her weight had increased due to her pregnancy. She made a decision to take care of her health through diet and workouts. She lost weight eventually.

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss

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How did Janet Montgomery gain weight? Is it her pregnancy weight?

In 2017, Janet fell in love with Joe Fox, a copywriter by profession. In 2018, she announced her pregnancy. In March 2019, Janet gave birth to her daughter, Sunday Juno Fox.

It’s worth noting that in 2019, the first season’s first episode of the TV series “New Amsterdam” was released. As we know, TV series filming usually starts about a year in advance.

It was around the time when she was in the early months of her pregnancy. As the months passed, Janet took a break from acting and delivered her baby. The reason behind her weight gain was her pregnancy.

How did Janet Montgomery lose weight?

When she appeared in the third season of New Amsterdam, her weight had decreased. She had to lose weight for the upcoming season. Fans recognize actors for their lovely looks.

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss

Janet Montgomery’s acting captivates people. Her American accent comes across as very natural, despite her being a British actress.

Praising Janet’s talent, a fan on Reddit writes,

“What made me keep watching was Janet Montgomery. She’s amazing, hearing her speak in her natural accent just highlights what a great job she does with an American accent on the show.”

It was not easy for her to recover her ideal physique after pregnancy. She faced the fatigue of postpartum while engaging in rounds of workouts.

After her pregnancy, she resumed her regular workouts and diet, which helped her lose weight. She also made changes in her lifestyle.

What diet plan did Janet Montgomery follow?

Janet Montgomery did not follow a specific diet plan. She primarily focused on her workouts and maintained good eating habits. Her dedication and self-care were the key factors behind her inspirational weight loss.

Janet Montgomery followed a plant-based diet after giving birth in 2019. Her diet included fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is Janet Montgomery’s workout routine?

After her daughter’s birth, Janet took up boxing to regain her shape and stay fit. Both Janet and her husband, Joe, joined the Church Street Boxing Gym together.

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss

Once she achieved her ideal weight, Janet stopped boxing. She resumed boxing in April 2021, this time focusing on gaining strength. She felt self-conscious and needed a trainer who could push her limits. Talking about her struggles, Janet said in the interview,

“Early on in my training, I would often vomit because of the high intensity of boxing training. I would lay flat out in between rounds. I couldn’t skip for more than five minutes.”

Her trainer, Henry DeLeon, always kept her challenged. Initially, she couldn’t continue a session for more than five minutes and would lie down on the ground.

Dr Lauren Bloom in New Amsterdam
Dr Lauren Bloom in New Amsterdam

Henry worked with her, improving her fitness, and she no longer needed to lie down. About her relationship with her trainer, she said,

“In the middle of one of our sessions, I would tell you that I absolutely hate the guy (Henry). Which honestly makes it a lot easier (and enjoyable) to throw punches at him.”

Additionally, Janet started incorporating cardiovascular exercises into her routine. At first, she didn’t enjoy them, but then she could easily do them. She made other lifestyle changes that greatly helped her in her weight-loss.

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