The Incredible Weight Loss Journey of Dana Cutler: Diet, Before and After

Dana Cutler’s prior weight was 200 pounds. The beloved judge slimmed down to 170 losing 30 pounds. Dana Cutler weight loss received praise and applause across the globe.

Dana Cutler, a lawyer and judge, needs no introduction; she is famous for “Couples Court with the Cutlers.” She has more than 30 years of experience in practicing education law, small business representation, and civil defense litigation. During her professional career, she served in multiple positions in bar leadership, including being elected President of the Missouri Bar in 2016.

Quick Info

Full Name Dana Cutler
Age 56 years old
Profession Lawyer and Judge
Known for Judge on “Couples Court with the Cutlers” and “Cutlers Court”
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1967
Place of Birth New York, United States
Education Spelman College (cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree)
Relationship Status Married to Keith Cutler (June 19, 1989)
Spouse Keith Cutler
Children Three
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)
Net Worth Estimated to be around $2 million

Dana Cutler Weight Loss

American attorney Dana Cutler practices law along with her husband, Keith Cutler. They have vast experience in the courtroom.

Dana Cutler significantly raised her profile after she and her husband appeared on the reality television show Couples Court with the Cutlers. She was in the TV contest “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

After an extended absence, Dana Cutler came back to the media spotlight. Her fans were stunned at her style of appearance. Her goal was to lose the weight she acquired over the years, which she would put on over the years.

When asked about the issue, Dana accepted that her battle with diabetes was not easy. After sharing this information with family and friends, Dana Cutler embarked on her weight loss journey and shed enormous weight.

It was another surprise to the ardent fans. A few Cutler supporters were happy for her since she shed some weight, while some expressed concerns about her health.

Dana Cutler Weight Loss Transformation Journey

Dana thought that as everyone was required to stay in their houses during the quarantine period, it would be a great time to slim down and stick to a fitness routine.

As she spent the majority of her time at home, Dana was able to change her food habits. In addition, she started exercising. Keith, his husband, was there to assist her.

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Dana Cutler Diet

Her first step was to remove all unhealthy processed food products from her diet. She compensated for it with homemade meals.

She increased the quantity of vegetables in her diet and cut down red meat she consumed. Also, Cutler ate a lot of fruits. The drink aided her with her efforts to shed weight but also helped her become stronger and more efficient.

Dana drink plenty of water to reduce her appetite and control her desire to consume food. Dana was an absolute success on every level. Dana gained great energy because of this, which she used to work out and satisfy her cravings.

Dana Cutler Exercise Routine

Although she’s not been open about her exercise routine, it’s recognized that Dana worked out alongside her husband at their home during the lockdown. Dana also ran on a treadmill for an extra one hour.

Dana’s determination to maintain her diet helped her prevent weight gain. However, the routine she followed enabled her to shed pounds.

After a couple of months, we observed an improvement in her appearance, which became the leading reason for her fame later on.

Dana Cutler Weight Loss Before and After

Dana’s eating pattern changed, and she kept a consistent exercise routine.

dana cutler weight loss

This was Cutler’s journey to lose weight, one where she succeeded at achieving her dream to slim down. Cutler is doing well and is in the process of a complete recovery. Also, she has provided a wonderful role model who wants to shed the weight they carry.

Dana Cutler Professional Life

Dana Cutler is a US lawyer and judge with a good reputation within the law world. She is also a judge on the show Couples Court With the Cutlers.

Dana lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where she is a part of James W. Tippin and Associates. She selected the series with her partner, Keith Cutler. She was an individual member of the Board of Curators in 2006.

She also serves as the president of the Missouri Bar and is a BOD member of Swope Community Enterprises and Swope Parkway Health Center.

Dana Cutler Age

Dana Cutler turned 56 this year in June. Dana was born in America in 1967. She married Keith Cutler when she was 22 years old.

Dana Cutler Formal Education

She attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where she earned an honors bachelor’s degree. After obtaining a Juris Doctorate, Dana Cutler studied at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

Dana’s hubby also attended the same University as Dana did, both met there and started dating. Now they are husband and wife. They have three sons together.

Dana Cutler Husband

Dana Cutler is Keith Cutler’s wife. They attended college in the early 1980s, so they first met there. When Keith was at Morehouse College, Dana studied in the undergraduate program at Spelman College.

Dana Cutler’s Net worth

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